Wednesday, March 18, 2009


First we had snow.  Then we had warm weather.  Then snow.  Then warm weather.  And it seemed like it was like that for weeks!  But it was really a good kind of snow.  The kind that would begin to melt the very next day  (so you didn't have to get out the shovel) and by the third or fourth day it was gone.  Then we would have a few more days of really nice weather and then...SNOW again!

After the off again, on again sun action,  we then began to see.....

Little spots of Spring color!

And because I'm posting this nearly two weeks after the this last photo... everything has actually gotten even more green and tall!  I've even got little buds on my Forsythias!  Now I'm REALLY excited!  To me, it's not the Daffodils that tell me it's spring, it's the Forsythia shrubs that do it for me!  I can't hardly wait to be able to cut a few branches and plunk them into a vase and have lovely spring color in my house!  I'm thinking maybe by the end of next week I'll be able to snip a few branches and force them to bloom in the house!  Yeah!!!!!!

Today is not such a lovely sunny day.  It was gorgeous Monday and Tuesday.  Today it's all cloudy and cool.  But that's okay I've got packing to do.  =-)  

Hope everyone out there are doing well.  Thanks for sticking with me even when my posts are dull.  =-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh my...!

It's been a long time since my last post.  The first two weeks of every month seems to be filled with one thing after another and I just can't seem to get motivated to sit down and blog.  At this point blogging is still a lot like work!  =-%  Things tend to disappear or show up willy-nilly.  And then I'm close to tears at the end of a two hour session of trying to get 5 minutes of information in.  Aaaargh!  

So, now I have a bit of time except actually what I really want to do is get packing!  YUP!  I said, get packing!  We found out last Friday that all is a go.  The buyers want to buy and the seller wants to sell.  Our house (the house we live in currently) will close on the morning of the 27th of March and the house we want to buy will close on the afternoon of the 27th!  Yeah us!  So Friday night we had our monthly "boomer" night (ya don't have to be a boomer to enjoy boomer night, so why is it called boomer night?  Can't tell you 'cuz I just don't know.)  

Anyhow, we got home really late (Had tons of fun!), so couldn't begin packing on Friday.  Saturday I had a ladies meeting in the morning and then my honey and I went shopping for a new fridge. (We are NOT going to be taking our current fridge with us!  It is an extremely stupid design for a fridge!  That whole "french door" style with the freezer on one side and fridge on the other...  STUPID!) 

Our afternoon was a long one because I know what I want but evidently it's not in line with what is on the market!  So we came back home and did a little more window shopping on-line and realized that what I want...I really can't afford.  Gosh, who knew my tastes in appliances were soooooo, so-called "professional grade"?  Anyhow... eventually I did come back down to reality and made a decision on a pretty nice fridge.   After dinner we went back to the store and told the sales person that we knew what we wanted and we wanted to buy (the store was running a sale that ended at midnight).  Well, turns out we can't get the fridge we want until NOVEMBER!  I mean really!  How ridiculous is that?!?  So he helped us look for something else similar and found nothing and then he came back and said..."my boss said, we can give you an upgrade to the one you wanted and get it to you by the 28th for the same price as the one you wanted which was on sale!"  Well, I was a bit skeptical.  I wanted to SEE what it looked like, and READ the description of the model.  They didn't have the model in the showroom but the guy did show me a photo of the thing on the internet and it did look like the model I had decided on.  The description of all the functions were a bit intimidating.  I have a feeling, that it may end up being more than I'm up for.  There are LCD screens involved.  Functions, key pads and so on.  Yup, it may be more fridge than I'm capable of handling.  BUT, I'm moving and I am getting a larger, less stupid fridge!  So YEAH!!!!!!!

And this post had nothing to do with my boys (Ethan & Ricky) as I'm sure you noticed.  I just couldn't bring myself to have a post with absolutely no pics in them.  =-)

'Kay, gotta go and get started on the packing.  Did I mention we have some, 13 thousand pounds worth of stuff to move, and we are going to move it all without the help of professional packers and movers?    Oh my, I think I just frightened myself!