Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Is everyone all done with their Christmas shopping? Have everything wrapped? Cards sent out? Baking done? If you answered yes to all of these questions, let me pat you on the back! I am still trying to get a few things done. But then... I've been busy playing with my grandson! And yes, I am going to use him as an excuse! ;-) He is just sooooo cute! And sooooo adorable!

This past Sunday he was baptised at our church. He wore a batismal romper that was made from my wedding dress. It turned out beautifully. My friend made it for me (since I'm not a seamstress at all!) She will be making a baptismal gown for me also. Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the wonderful day.

My honey's parents, our son and daughter-in-law and grandbaby!

And here is a picture of the four generations of the Parsons men, plus the oldest generation represented by my father-in-law of his father. (The red sweater my father-in-law is wearing is one that was made for and worn by, his father. Thus, great-great-granddad is represented here!)

That is what went on on Sunday. And there has been alot more picture taking going on since then!

We have not had much snow at all this year. My honey is okay with that. But dilly-girl and I aren't so happy. We are both hoping that there will still be a white christmas! We will have a full house for Christmas this year and my honey and I are so very happy to be able to say that! I hope ya'll have a very Happy and blessed Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A dusting....

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share the little bit of white we got from yesterday evenings precipitation.... It's still a ways from Christmas, but I'm beginning to get a little nervous here. Our first Christmas here in Nebraska was nice. Lacking a bit in the snow but nice none the less. Then the next two years were awesomely loaded with snow for Christmas! Last year, we had SO much snow that it annoyed most everyone! But this year.... I'm a little worried that it's going to be skimpy in the snow department. Our dilly-girl is heading out here and I told her about the white christmases that we'd had in the past and she is looking forward to that! But, well, as I said earlier, it's still a bit early for a Christmas forecast.

Last night, as I walked to church for Chime Choir practice, it was looking a bit like it might snow! After our practice ended, I walked out and heard little chink-chink sounds. Icy rain was falling. This morning I looked out and this is what I saw from the upstairs window.

These photo's were taken from our upstairs balcony. I love looking out over the tops of the houses across the ally way. Anyhow, I've got my fingers crossed and I say a prayer everyday in the hopes that come Christmas time we'll have a nice coating of snow! Oldest son and his family will be here on the 17th and baby girl and darling fiance will be here on the 23rd! It will be SO nice to have our kids and their families all together again!

Okay, I've got errands to do! Picking up the Baptismal outfit today! There is still enough fabric to make a gown next. Anyhow, will show pic's later of how it turned out.

Hope ya'll have a fabulous day and don't get stressed out! Enjoy what the good Lord has given you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uber large noggins....?

I am wondering... does my family REALLY have uber large heads? Seriously. What is the average size head? Because silly me, I've been sitting in this house, and at bible study and various waiting rooms just a knitting away trying to get some projects done and I didn't really think about these things potentially not fitting. I followed the pattern directions, for adult sizes. So, they should fit. Right?

And yet, when I tried one of the hats on .... it didn't fit quite the way I thought it was supposed to. And then I tried on another hat, this one was a bit snug. And then I had my honey try one on... same thing. A little too snug. OH MY GOSH! So now I'm in a panic! I'm asking myself, is it really the hats? Or is it our heads? I always knew that my honey's side of the family had rather (okay, excessively) large heads. But now it looks as if I too have a larger than normal head circumference! It couldn't be the patterns themselves... I mean, the many people who bought these books and patterns would have complained... right?! So, since I followed directions and I used the correct yarns and I did the swatches... that all means these are made according to the pattern directions, to fit the average size heads. Which means..........................


So, my next question is... will blocking all these items make them larger? Because these items were made for my family. And they have heads like us. So if these are going to be usable items, they MUST become somewhat larger! So, are there any knitters out there that read this blog? And would answer this question for me?! Because I don't have time to make more things especially if I have to go and alter the patterns to fit our monster heads!

Question:... will blocking my knitted items make them some what larger?

(Please say, yes!)

Okay, I have to go now. I think I'll go do some shopping. I may need (backup) Christmas gifts to hand out to family! Maybe knitting isn't for me after all......

I hope all of you are having a great day!
(I'm working on mine...)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We finally got our Christmas decorating started. We (I) was under pressure to get it done because we were getting ready to have a houseful of people over for a Christmas Caroling night yesterday evening. This is the second time we've hosted this event. We didn't do it last year (can't remember why....) I hope this becomes an annual event! This year we got bales of hay from our friends the Nielsons and our friends the Betts' provided the transportation. He has a flat trailer type thing that the bales sat on and then we covered the bales with blankets so that no one would turn into sopranos when they sat down on them! (Did ya like that Kris?) ;-) Anyhow... Once again I failed in the photo taking department. Had I had my head in the game... I would have taken pictures of our musical accompanists! We had two sax players and a flautist (?) and having musicians made such a difference! Hopefully, we'll be able to get them again next year! Although.... Jordan is a senior in high school so we may have to work around her college schedule next year. She is a supremely talented person. She taught herself how to play the sax a couple years ago!
So, my honey and I managed to get the tree put up and the lights up in the windows one night and then I did the rest on the day of the get-together. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!) Here are a few pic's of the decorations for those of you who might be interested. I didn't do as much as usual since I was a bit crunched for time!

Sorry for the mess. Just ignore that part of all the pictures. And the sun is not wanting to come out so I can have good light for all these shots either. As a matter of fact we've got a little snow flurry thing going on right now. I'm praying for snow on Christmas Day! Well, actually I'm always praying for snow during the month of December!!!!

Okay, one last picture and that is of my Italian Bread Pudding with Almondine Sauce! It's made with Pannatone Bread, which is SO good on it's own! But when made into this concoction.... OH MY! ;-)


And let me tell you! It was YUMMY!

So that is it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm heading out with my honey to take care of more Christmas stuff. Hopefully the weather will not make our driving too difficult!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grandbaby alert.....

I was going through my photo's and I saw this cute little face and I had to put it in the blog. This is what he looked like on the 13th of November. He is such a cutie-pie to us! And the little smile he has is just so... adorable it makes me wanna just snag him up and snuggle him! And maybe even smother him with a ton of Nana kisses! (I'm gonna get those in before he gets too big and starts to really complain about Nana kissin' him too much! Oh wait! What am I saying? He'll never do that! He's our grandbaby and our grandbaby is perfect!


So, this picture was taken in November and he looks like a solid, little guy! I know, he's a big one! We are in the process of having a baptismal gown made for him (by a wonderfully, lovely friend of mine (thank you M!) our of my wedding dress. Baby girl found her dream dress which is a total DREAM! So, my dress was sitting down in the basement just taking up space. But I didn't want to just throw it out or give it to goodwill, so I talked my, said friend, to make a baptismal outfit out of it. I haven't seen it yet but I am really excited! We believe there will be enough fabric in the dress that we could actually have a baptismal gown made as well. Plus she is using the lace to make a jacket and a baby bonnet to match. Seriously, really excited here! Anyhow, I'm praying that it will fit him!

And this is what he is looking like these days. He looks like such a happy baby! And that has everything do with his happy momma and daddy! They just spoil him and love on him and he just shares all that lovin' with the world! Just look at those thighs! Don'cha just wanna grab him up and make slurpy noises on those thighs?! Well, I do! And I'll be able to real soon! Well, I hope so anyhow. He's 4 months and he is becoming more aware of his surroundings and familiar faces. He may just take one look at his ol' Nana and decide he doesn't want anything to do with me! And if that happens, everything will stop and all I will be doing is trying to get the little guy to become familiar with me. Cooking, cleaning, socializing will all come to a screeching halt until our little grandbaby decides he's okay with me! Theeeeeeeeennnn, maybe I'll share him with his granddaddy!

A few days ago our Dilly-girl called and put grandbaby on the phone and he was just a babbling like crazy! (takes after his ol' Nana! ;-O ) It was just the cutest thing EVER!

They are going to be here in 10 days! I have 10 days to get everything ready for their arrival! AND Baby girl and fiance will be coming here soon (no exact day yet.) but soon we will have our WHOLE family together! We are going to be so happy! (doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance right now!)

Okay, so I need to get back to work. I REALLY need to get out and go for a run. The kitties and puppy are staring me down 'cuz they're hungry! And I have a BUNCH of things I have to get done today so.... they are not going to get done if I continue to sit on my duff, here at the computer.

Take a moment to reflect on a mindful joy every few hours through out your day!