Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great deals, living room change up...

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to post a little living room re-do. I believe I told you about having found a Pottery Barn apartment size sofa on Craigslist. It is the Buchannon Apartment Sofa. Then I purchased a slipcover to go over it because the sofa was WHITE! With two cats and a dog AND a grandchild (and another on the way....) the white really wasn't very practical. So, the slipcover was definitely needed! Unfortunately, the slipcover was not on sale so the whole "great deal" thing doesn't apply to that.

But Everything else in the room is second hand. Either purchased at yard sales, thrift shops, antique shops, auctions or found on the road (except for the slipcover). There are a few things in the room that was made by me as well.

The little table with the stained glass lamp on it (on the left, in the above photo) was found while "junking" in Stuttgart Germany many years ago!

It was one of those cute pieces that didn't need a lot done to it. I put new knobs on it and put a sheet of thick glass in the last little pull out on the bottom (I think this was a tea cart) The top is a little warped and it had a few water marks on it, but I took a little steal wool and stain stripper and lightly went over the top and... voila! Good as new, well, almost. ;-) Still, I love it, and I have fond memories of when I got it. I was with my favorite "junking" partner when I got this. She was my "Ethel" (Aka, Corinnea) to my "Lucy" back in those days! And if I remember correctly, I believe our daughters were with us on this particular junking escapade.

Anyhow... I digress.

This trunk (above photo) has been with us for nearly 30 years! It was one of the very first "antique" purchases my honey and I ever made together. Keep in mind, we were super, stinkin' poor! I saw it at a yard sale and convinced him we "needed" it! I don't remember how much it was, I want to say it was like $20 dollars, but what I do remember was how happy I was when he liked it too! (Or at least he said he did) Anyhow, we still have it!

Another Junking find... this little sled. This one was picked up in Wiesbaden, Germany. Junking wasn't as easy in Wiesbaden as it had been in Stuttgart. Or maybe I just needed someone to go out with. Either way, I didn't get as many things through Junking in Wiesbaden as I had in Stuttgart.

Sorry about the picture above. I'm not sure why it's so bad but... the little chair off to the left is an Auction purchase. $5.00! Eventually, we'll have it upholstered in leather. And then, there is the ottoman that I purchased from my favorite Thrift Shop and then slipcovered in painters drop cloth, which I made! (I'm rather proud of that!) Eventually, I hope to slip cover the plaid chair in the right side of the room. That too is a thrift shop find from my favorite shop! You can see it in the photo directly above this one.

And you can't see it, but the table under the photo's and flowers and such is actually a big, wooden box that is also a Stuttgart, junking find! The crystal candle holders and crystals were purchased with "Ethel". She took me crystal shopping the last time I was in Germany. That was fun! And the flowers are from my honey for our anniversary earlier this week. (Yup, 31 years and nope, I didn't blog about it).

I believe I'll be re-painting the room again soon. As much as I liked the green when I first painted it. I'm ready now for a change. I was so excited to be able to paint any color I wanted in "our" house at the time. Now, I'm ready to do something a little more classic.

So, there you are. My living room for now. I'm thinking about a new color for this room and I'm also going to be working on my "computer" room next. Paint color AND re-arranging the furnishings. I'm a little ADD in that I can't seem to complete a single room to the finished end. I seem to be hopping from one room to another. But part of it is that my tastes are changing a bit and I'm trying to find my new tastes and fit them in to my old house. ;-)

Have you found your decorating tastes changing lately? Or am I the only one? ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

NOW, I'm allowed to announce.........

Hello everyone! Hope everybody had a great weekend. Did yours go by as quickly as ours did? I mean seriously! And it's not as if we did anything spectacular or especially fun. In fact, I can't really recall in any clear detail on what we did. I just remember thinking "yay! It' Friday!" and then suddenly it's was "oh my! It's Sunday already?" And NO, there was no drinking involved! Well, a little wine with our dinner on Sunday. Which by the way... the wine? Super yummy! If you enjoy a good bottle of dry red, then you really need to try ANY and ALL bottles of Concannon Vineyard wines! (Pam!) About the only memorable thing about our weekend is the dinner we made on Sunday. We bought a 16x16 inch stepping stone that we bought specifically for our gas grill. Then we made pizza! We had the Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon with it and it paired beautifully with our pizza! We are still playing around with the pizza on a stone concept, but our first try turned out really well! And no, I didn't take any pictures. Sorry. We were too hungry! The desert was home made strawberry/rhubarb sorbet (both of which were picked from our garden!) which turned out super yummy! And no, I didn't take pictures of that either. Sorry! I know, I'm a slug!

Speaking of which... (pictures, not slugs. Ha-ha) I do have one picture I want to share with you all!


One of the first pictures of our newest grandbaby! :-)

At the time of the picture, we didn't know what gender it was. Now we know! And it's a girl!

This will be Oldest Son & Dilly-girls second baby! And I'm sure they are even more excited now that Grandbaby #1 is turning into a walking/running little boy already! If I could figure out how to upload videos I'd show you all how well grandbaby #1 is walking at 10 months!

So, there you go. My announcement! What an exciting year it's been so far! Grandbaby walking, Baby-girls wedding and a new grandbaby on the way! :-)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thrift shop find!

I found this in one of my favorite thrift shops in West O. This particular thing that I found recently is a.... Daybed! Not sure how old it is. But......


I fell in LOVE with the cane work on either end!

LOVE the fact that it has a really strong/sturdy metal spring & frame system!

I adore the scroll work on the bottom front.

I love the legs...! And...
Initially, I intended to slip-cover all the cushions and pillows.

But... now, I'm kinda thinking, maybe not.

What do you think?


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Day! (Photo heavy....!)

Hello everyone!

(For those of you not interested in seeing wedding photos. You may want to bypass this post)

So, this is the situation. I still have no new pictures of the wedding. I had hoped to get some from others who were there but... (I won't even go into that.) I was having such a wonderful time watching our baby girl and our new son-in-law and enjoying the speeches and just having a fine 'ol time that I just didn't take as many pictures as I should have. Unfortunately for all of you, I was too much in the moment and not enough thought went into the "later" for the blog.

Anyhow, I decided I'll just post the few that I do have.

First, imagine the outdoor setting. The air is warm as you are sitting down in the seats, you are seated under the shade of a huge white tent. You're facing a beautiful lake and listening to the violin soloist, as you wait for the bride who will be walking across the grass with her parents on either side......

This is where everyone was seated. (It was decorated beautifully for the wedding)

Violin soloist (aka, baby-girl's cousin)

Okay, you have to imagine her in her wedding dress at this point.
I wanted you to see the backdrop.

*These will not be in any sort of order. So, here it is. Enjoy.*

First dance as husband & wife.

With her Maid-of-honor & bridesmaids.

Baby-girl and husband!

Looking up at me as I take a picture of her from the upper opening of the barn.

Cake was made by Baby-girls mother-in-law who wanted to do a fancier cake,
but was limited by baby-girl who wanted a simple cake. MIL's concession...
The grasshopper on the cake! Lovely! Well done MIL!

First meal together as husband & wife.

Father of the bride speech.

The back of her dress.

Baby-girl, all grown up!

Father/daughter dance.

Wouldn't this make a great Coke ad?

Husband & wife
looking out from the upper window of the barn.

And there it is. The photographer took TONS of pictures but as yet I have not had a chance to see them. Hopefully, they'll be up soon.

The evening of the wedding turned out to be very nice in the area of Kansas City that we were in. Through out the evening of dancing and festivities out side, you could look up and all around us, you could see constant flashes of lightning. It was truly spectacular! The rain eventually came around 11:30 p.m.

My apologies for the photo heavy post. Although I feel I don't have very many pictures of the wedding day. I certainly had enough to show you the gist of Baby-girls special day. I would have liked to have posted some better photo's of the two of them. But, the ones I have show them enjoying themselves. And when I see them, I'm happy.

Thanks for viewing our special day! Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A cloudy Flag Day and the babies...

Today is Flag Day.
Have you put your flag out?

And these are the baby House Finches in the fern basket.

This is my contribution to Pams Garden Tuesday!

For those of you who are awaiting the wedding pictures... I am having difficulties with the red eye situation in many of my photos. Seriously, not sure what my problem is. But, I do have a Sys. Admin. guy that is going to help me. I just need to get with him on it. (Honey....I need help!) ;-) Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One of many...

Just a quick post to show ya'll my pink ruffled tulips.

I figured if Pam could post a general pic of lavender (sorry Pam) instead of a pic of HER lavender on her post, then I could do this, which, is actually a real picture of MY tulip plant (from a month ago). Of course they have all gone away by now. But, they were just too pretty NOT to share with you this year. These are bulbs I planted earlier this year and they bloomed for the first time in May. They looked almost like peonies or double roses!

IF, I were really on the ball I'd have pictures of my peonies which are in full bloom now. But, it's already hot (!!!!) here this morning and I'm too lazy to go out and take some pic's of them. I did take some pictures of my flowers that were in the old canning jars that I had picked yesterday. But, I can't find my usb cord to upload them in to i-photo, so..... These tulips are what you get.

I hope to get more of these and others like them to fill in more places in my beds.

I"ll be linking this post up @ Pam's for Garden Tuesday!

And since I have my i-photo's library up....

I can't get over how adorable this little guy is! I could look at him ALL day! But I'd much rather play with him!!!

And for those of you who are HOUNDING (yes, I said "hounding") me over the wedding photo's.... I'm working on it! I only had a few taken with my camera and the professional shots have not come up yet! I'm trying to scrounge up some from other people who also had their cameras with them. So, don't think I haven't forgotten posting about baby girl and her wedding, cuz, I haven't!

Ya'll have a great day and..... I'll be back! ;-)