Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kansas Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of family, food and fun! 

 We were very fortunate in that we went to my honey's baby sisters house for the first time since they moved into their place.  I believe they moved there, um....three years ago?  Anyhow, their son Ethan, not to be confused with our cat Ethan...... wanted to have a memorable Thanksgiving and since they now had a dinning room table that would extend to ginormous proportions, she said, "okay".   And thus began the planning, inviting & fun!

I spent the day before our drive down to Kansas, baking, mixing and baking.  Honestly, this year all I had to do was bake a few dinner rolls and make one pie (pumpkin of course) and a couple of my cranberry/rhubarb casseroles.  And yet, it took me ALL DAY!  I could not believe it!  A WHOLE day just for a few side dishes!  I may be totally out of practice doing the huge get-together meal thing.  So anyhow, here is a bit of what took me a whole day to do!  I am so out of practice!

So, we loaded up the car with goodies and such.  Sat Ricky in his car seat and strapped ourselves in and off we went!  
Little sister out did herself!  She put down a beautiful table loaded with wonderful food!  Older sister and her family as well as my honey's parents brought yummies as well.    And Ethan the boy was beside himself!  He took pictures of the food, as did his auntie.  And here it is, doesn't it look scrumptious?  Okay, so next time I'll take better pictures.  Hmmmm, I wonder how Ethan the boys pictures turned out.  
The food was delicious and company great, and so we all ate and ate and ate until we could eat no more!  At least for a couple of hours, then we sat down and ate some pie's!  Then my honey and I played some Wii with baby sister and family!  I may have worked off a little of that second helping of pie while playing the Wii Sport!

The next day my honey and I with our little Ricky drove back to the "Good Life" State.  The snow flurries which started in Kansas abated by the time we got to the state line.  And we drove the rest of the way home in sunshine, back to our home where Ethan the cat was waiting to welcome us back!  

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mac lack... maybe not!

Okay, I am a mac user.  And because I am, I can't seem to down load photos which is HIGHLY annoying!   Using the Mac is normally such a simple thing.  Drag and drop.  How easy is that?!  But not with this blog.  UGH!  So at this time, I am only able to write.  To use words to describe all the joys in my life.  And today I discovered that I won Stuart.  Now for those of you who do not know Stuart this is where I would show you his adorable photo.  But, blah, I will be describing him to you in words.  He is THE MOST adorable snail you will ever meet!  And my good friend Corinnea made him.  She had a give-away because she posted her 100th posting and she decided to give said Stuart to a lucky reader.  AND IT WAS ME!!!!  I still can't believe it!  

OH MY GOODNESS!  I think I did it!  Drag and dropped and here he is!  Let me officially introduce you to (brrrdabrrrblabrrr, okay that was my attempt at a  drum roll) Stuart!  Ta-da!  Isn't he the most cutest little guy ever!?!   And he gets to come live with me!  Hurray!  Thank you Corinnea!