Monday, July 19, 2010

Nebraska to Washington!

Nebraska to Washington!

Hello all!

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting ready for my trip to the west coast. More slowly than anything else. But if all goes well, I should be on the road by 7a.m. tomorrow! I'm going to drive it in three days (only because the kids and my honey insist I make it into a three day drive!) I had intended to do it in two! Anyhow.... I'm taking my Ricky with me so I'll have some company. Although I am not sure how much company he'll be since most of the time when he's in his car seat he tends to pant and pant and pant. We'll see if it's any different with his car seat up front with me.

So, for those of you who aren't aware... I'm going to WA. to see my number 1 Son and Dilly-girl. And they are expecting their first child! Grandbaby is due sometime at the end of this month!

Isn't he just too cute? These 3-D images are just incredible! So, he is (as of a couple days ago) 8lbs.! Which really isn't too surprising since our side of the family (and evidently dilly-girls as well) tend to have rather large babies. Initially, dilly-girls due date was Aug. 8th. But because she has certain health issues, they really don't want her to deliver a baby larger than 8 lbs. So they keep moving up the due date. They are planning to induce in july. I'm REALLY excited to meet our new grandbaby! Our first! ;-)

I will be taking my I-Pad with me and I am going to attempt to add to my blog while I'm gone. But, in the event that I don't add anything new in a while.... just know that I'm probably trying and can't figure it out OR I'm having too much fun enjoying my time with grandbaby and kids! But, be aware.... I do plan on plenty of posts about our new addition into our family!

Ya'll, stay tuned! And enjoy your summer!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crazy wild storm!

Boy howdy we had a storm last night. The sky went black as we watched the rain come into town. We stood out on our porch and watched the curtain of rain come up Main street! The wind was HOWLING! It was whipping the trees around in every direction and there was lightening and thunder one right after another! Crazy wild night!

Here it looks innocent enough...

But what you see is actually a 1/3 of the tree that broke and fell across Main street. And the really crazy thing was that as we were watching that tree fall.... there was a little white car driving past it. That car nearly got crunched! The tree hit the street with about a car lengths distance between the tree and the little white car! It was seriously close! We had gone into the house at that point but when we saw that.... ! My honey and I went running out onto the porch and saw our other neighbor standing on their porch and we're all, like crazy with adrenalin! All four of us were just screaming "did you see that?!" (these are the neighbors that live in the old parsonage that went with this church/house) Anyhow, the wife came over and we stood out on our porch for a while waiting for the town clean-up crew to show up and move the tree. I mean, it WAS on MAIN street after all. ;-)

So these two shots were taken this morning and not last night so you can see in the first photo that the limb had been moved to the side of the road. That limb actually took out part of our neighbors oak tree across the street. Not anything serious but cosmetically speaking, that oak tree look's a bit wonky and sad now.

In this photo, you see the top of the second 1/3 of the tree that came down about 10 minutes later! It's facing our side of the yard and it damaged another smaller maple tree that we really liked. As a matter of fact... This whole week we had been having our tree's trimmed and our tree's on this side of the yard were actually crowding that maple. After our trees were trimmed we figured the maple would now be able to grow straight and fill out on the side facing us! But now.... not so sure that tree will be salvageable.

This is how it looks now. Evidently, at one time in the past, this tree had been struck by lightning! We noticed the split, at the "Y" of the tree, when we first moved into town nearly 4 years ago. While walking to church in the wind, we could hear the creaking. But we found out a couple of days ago from the tree trimmer, that the damage was even more than what we or our neighbor thought! Our neighbor came over to talk to our trimmer about trimming this very tree and that's when we all found out that the tree just needed to be taken down completely. There was a split running nearly to the ground on one side of the tree that no one had noticed until the trimmer showed it to us. So the neighbor decided to have it taken down. And, it was supposed to come down next Monday!

I was trying to find a photo of the tree before it came down but... I guess I don't aim the camera in that direction very often. At least not so you could see that tree. But it was a rather nice sized tree.

So, our street is going to be looking slightly different now that our trees have been trimmed and our neighbor's tree will be taken down. Hopefully we won't have any more trees coming down in the next storm. 'Cuz you know... we'll be having more storms in our neck of the woods.

That was our excitement in our neighborhood. What's been going on in yours?

Friday, July 9, 2010

All I can say is....

... I tried. I am beginning to feel so sorry for our grandbaby. I see all the cute little baby things that the other bloggers I follow, are making and it takes me FOREVER to make these things. Not to mention, the bonnet is more than likely too small for grandbaby's head. (Our family tends to have rather large noggens!) So, my dilemma is... should I attempt to make another bonnet that will fit, or should I move on to something else? I want to make him a little sweater....

I must admit, they turned out rather cute. Although, the booties are huge compared to the bonnet. I did get another skein of the yarn so I could realistically make another bonnet in a larger size.... OR I could begin the sweater..... Who knows.... maybe grandbaby will have a small head... ;-) So what do ya'll think? To be honest, I had completed the booties and bonnet a couple of weeks ago, it just took me a while to actually find the ribbon (I was looking for another color actually) and then I only just added the ribbon today.

So, the other thing I've been working on are the Wedding Crochet Doilies! My darling, baby girl set a wedding date! Next May! And she's asked me to make the doilies that will be used in the centerpiece on the tables. She is going to have several doilies on each table and then have botttles (Either milk bottles, antique medicine, or antique canning jars) filled with flowers (types of flowers as yet to be determined). I hope to have over a hundred completed by next year. But, so far this is all I have! And keep in mind, I have not blocked these yet. I think I'll try to block about 25 at a time so, as I get that many, I will block them.

And guess what? I've got my wonderful sister-in-law helping me! She actually bought some hooks and a ball of crochet thread and found a pattern and is in the process of making doilies! She is such a sweetie to help me with this endeavor! She went to my honey's parents house for the annual 4th of July get together. She and her kids then followed us home to stay with us for a couple of days. She even helped me with a church function being held at my house! I don't know what I would have done without her help! Poor thing, she is on vacation and I put her to work. Hopefully, the next time they come for a visit, I am NOT going to put her to work! Instead, I hope to be able to show them around Omaha! And there is LOTS to see in Omaha! Honest!

Boy, you'd think with the long delay in posting, I'd have had more to show. But, I wasn't very good at taking photo's of the 4th. And I STILL haven't finished the pot holders. But I will be posting the cardigan soon!

Tomorrow is my honey's birthday. We are going to see a fireworks show at a friends house. Every year there is a man who puts on a pretty awesome show. Not sure what it's for but he does it annually and our friend lives on a hilltop so you can see the display beautifully from her deck! My honey gets to enjoy fireworks with our friends, again this year! ;-)

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July and I hope to be back with something interesting soon!