Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, instead of knitting the sock's or crocheting the hat or sewing the sweater bag or basically doing anything productive yesterday. This is what I did.

Which is a good thing. I was going to multi task by thinking about what I should do about my situation. You know, the hat and what kind of pattern might better suit the yarn. And why I had such a difficult time knitting the sock. And all that kind of thing. But instead, I found that doing my nails took all of my thought! There was no multi tasking possible. Instead, I brainlessly did one nail at a time. Trimming, filing, removing cuticles, buffing and painting. With no other thought in my head except... "gosh I wish I was ambidextrous".

Friday, February 19, 2010

... knitters HELL!

I am not happy right now. I'm not being productive and I'm am so frustrated I'm about to give it all up! Knitting and crocheting that is!

I've been working on these yoga socks for EVER now.
ripped out stitches 6 times (actually more if you count how many times I miscounted when I was casting on or when I cast on with the wrong kind of cast on... blah. At the rate I'm going, I'll be in my 60's before I EVER get the first sock made. I'm not even talking about a PAIR of socks either!

THEN... I decided to give myself a break and begin working on baby girls hat. She had picked out some yarn that she liked and I told her I'd make her a hat with it. OH-MY-GOSH! What was I thinking? The yarn has been a major work of pain for me. The yarn is a strange bunched up hairy thing. It's sort of like a long haired chenille only the hairs are only on one side.
One single row of hairs on one very thin thickness of thread. If I make a mistake, I can't rip it out because the hairs get all caught up and knotted. I end up having to cut the piece out and have to throw the work away! I am sooo frustrated I feel like yanking hanks of my hair out of my head! UGH! I JUST don't know what to do! I am this close (imagine my thumb and forefinger in the "pinch" position and you can hardly see any space between them!) to just putting all my knitting needles and fibers into a bag and tossing it at someone who can actually knit!

Honestly, I'm at my whit's end. I tried to think of something positive out of this experience so far and I can't come up with anything!

I'm in knitting hell.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my, my...

It is Thursday already! How time flies when... you're busy, busy, busy!

See those lovely little buns? They are called Yorkshire Teacakes. I got the recipe from a bread book that baby girl gave me a few years ago! She is such a thoughtful daughter! Anyhow, the teacakes were so yummy. I made them last Thursday. I try to make a little baked goodie to take to our friends house when I go to visit with them. They are our neighbors across the street and I go over there every Thursday to see how they are and what they've been up to and to give the Mr. a chance to spend a little time with my dog Ricky. The Mr. loves spending time with Ricky and as long as the Mr. has a little sum'n, sum'n for Ricky... he's a happy camper. I enjoy the visit's because I get to sit and chat with the Mr. who is full of all kinds of stories. He's in his mid 80's and he's done lot's of traveling around this here United States. Lot's of stories about the various trips he and Miss. O made in their trailers and their friends convoying together down to Tx. and MANY other states. As well as stories about this lovely town we live in. He used to run the grocery store here in town! And Miss O makes coffee and little munchies to eat while he tells the stories. She's very quiet. He loves to talk. Not sure if she's always been this quiet or has become that way out of lack of opportunity to speak. ;-) But they are both such caring and generous people. They are the same people who fixed lunch for us and our moving crew when we were moving into this house!

Today, I may end up not taking anything over. I worked out longer than I had planned this morning and then I sat and chatted with my friend afterwards. I have to make pizza dough and sauce and a dessert for tomorrow's Baby Boomers gathering. We're having Pizza and a movie night. Plus, I have to make dinner for my honey and myself tonight and I had planned on making pasties with wine sauce. So... that's a lot of time in the kitchen for me today plus, I've still not taken a shower! I suppose I should do that before I head on over across the street to the Mr. and Miss O's house.

Ya'll have a great day. Hang in there if it's a tough one, you've only got one more day 'till the weekend! ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boy. Oh Boy!

Okay, so here is my grandchild! My first! Ask me if I'm excited. Go ahead...ask! I am soooo excited I can't EVEN begin to tell you. Seriously, I thought having my own babies was exciting. But this beats everything! (Sorry oldest child and baby girl) This is so different because, I suppose, there is less stress with this baby. I am not totally responsible for this child's up bringing. I am not responsible for teaching this child how to grow up in this world. I just get to help fill in the gaps, (if momma and daddy will allow). And the best part... I will NOT have to be the disciplinarian! I get to play, and read, and do most all the fun things with this child. I will be able to have more patience with this child because I'll be getting my sleep time in (unlike the parents). I will be able to laugh when the child spills the milk all over the place. I will be able to smile indulgently when the child is constantly asking questions (oh yes I will Jessica!). And when the child gets cranky... I will be able to calmly hand it back to it's parents. ;-)

So, evidently, this photo show's what the sex of this child is.... I've looked and looked and I just don't see it. AND I see the arrow but... Okay, I guess I'll take the doctors word on it. It's a boy! I personally don't care what the sex of the baby is. I'm just happy there is a baby on the way! But the first picture is the one I really like. (Thus far.) Because it show's what appears to be a baby. Not an alien life form anymore. It looks like a sleeping baby. Isn't he just precious?!

Okay. I'll stop this now. I know ya'll are probably about to gag from all this sappy stuff. But I gotta tell ya. I'm just a happy and excited nana to be!

So now I'm calculating just how long it may take me to make my yoga socks. I mean, I've got the cuff done on the first sock so far, and it's only taken me 9 days to do that. But the baby is due in August so that really doesn't give me much time to get things made for my grandson! ;-) Grandson... isn't that just the cutest thing to say? Okay, okay. So... maybe I should just get started on a baby hat. You know, one of those "umbilical" style hat. I know you've seen them. They have like a little cord that is tied on top of the hat?. Anyhow, I figure I could start that, (it seems pretty easy.) then, once I'm warmed up again with the knitting needles I could go straight into knitting a little sweater. Oh but I saw some really cute little booties.... Hmmm, perhaps I should abandon the yoga socks and get right to the hat and sweater and booties! ;-)

Isn't this just the most wonderful dilemma?! Have a wonderful day ya'll!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello everyone! Hope ya'll are doing well and keeping out of trouble.

Can you believe it's February already? If this keeps up the year is going to just fly by! Back in the day it seemed like the first part of the year just dragged. But, not this year!

So, I have managed to complete a couple of projects. Of course they were tiny little projects so they went relatively quickly (for me that is. For anyone else it would have been a blink of an eye or two at most!) Anyhoooooooo

The kids came over to pick up their little gifts. I had made a hat for the little girl a couple of years ago and just a few months ago her big brother wanted to know "How's come you don't make me sumfin?" Which made me feel bad because I had indeed planed on making him something right after I had made her the hat. So, it took him asking me that question to get me off my lazy duff and make him "sumfin". And here it is. A hat and matching scarf.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get pictures of them. Even though it LOOKED as if they were standing still.... when I looked at the photo's they were blurry. And it wasn't both at the same time, one or the other was blurry. Like they couldn't keep their heads still for half a second at the same time!

So here she is with the two year old hat and her new scarf. I still have more of these yarns left. I'm thinking about making her a bigger hat in a different style with the same yarns for next year. They are just the cutest kids. If only they would stand still for just a second or two... I'm sure momma thinks the same thing. Quite often she looks a bit tired and ready for a well deserved nap. Did I mention she's our choir director? Oh and that she's a teacher for 4th graders too? Yeh, I'd be exhausted too. Wait, I was exhausted just trying to take photo's! ;-0

Here's one of them together. He's a bit out of focus but she's good. And that is how it was the whole time they were here. One or the other was moving. Kids...