Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boy. Oh Boy!

Okay, so here is my grandchild! My first! Ask me if I'm excited. Go ahead...ask! I am soooo excited I can't EVEN begin to tell you. Seriously, I thought having my own babies was exciting. But this beats everything! (Sorry oldest child and baby girl) This is so different because, I suppose, there is less stress with this baby. I am not totally responsible for this child's up bringing. I am not responsible for teaching this child how to grow up in this world. I just get to help fill in the gaps, (if momma and daddy will allow). And the best part... I will NOT have to be the disciplinarian! I get to play, and read, and do most all the fun things with this child. I will be able to have more patience with this child because I'll be getting my sleep time in (unlike the parents). I will be able to laugh when the child spills the milk all over the place. I will be able to smile indulgently when the child is constantly asking questions (oh yes I will Jessica!). And when the child gets cranky... I will be able to calmly hand it back to it's parents. ;-)

So, evidently, this photo show's what the sex of this child is.... I've looked and looked and I just don't see it. AND I see the arrow but... Okay, I guess I'll take the doctors word on it. It's a boy! I personally don't care what the sex of the baby is. I'm just happy there is a baby on the way! But the first picture is the one I really like. (Thus far.) Because it show's what appears to be a baby. Not an alien life form anymore. It looks like a sleeping baby. Isn't he just precious?!

Okay. I'll stop this now. I know ya'll are probably about to gag from all this sappy stuff. But I gotta tell ya. I'm just a happy and excited nana to be!

So now I'm calculating just how long it may take me to make my yoga socks. I mean, I've got the cuff done on the first sock so far, and it's only taken me 9 days to do that. But the baby is due in August so that really doesn't give me much time to get things made for my grandson! ;-) Grandson... isn't that just the cutest thing to say? Okay, okay. So... maybe I should just get started on a baby hat. You know, one of those "umbilical" style hat. I know you've seen them. They have like a little cord that is tied on top of the hat?. Anyhow, I figure I could start that, (it seems pretty easy.) then, once I'm warmed up again with the knitting needles I could go straight into knitting a little sweater. Oh but I saw some really cute little booties.... Hmmm, perhaps I should abandon the yoga socks and get right to the hat and sweater and booties! ;-)

Isn't this just the most wonderful dilemma?! Have a wonderful day ya'll!


corinnea said...

My heart is filled with the utmost JOY for you!!! You have said all the things that I say when looking forward to that time of my life and here it is, just around the corner for you!!!!!! You're gonna be a wonderful gramma.

chellebelle said...

How incredibly wonderful!.. but finish your socks.. no problem, you'll need the yoga to keep fist to run around with that little guy. Also, you have a lifetime to knit for him, the knitting doesn't stop after he is born. has tons of baby and little kid stuff, and there is the cutest little soft ball to make out of scrap yarn.. I dare you to not to try to make that before his first birthday.. I think I'm going to gush with you!

insanely crafty said...

That is GREAT! Can't wait to see what you make for him!!! I hope he is a BIG talker!! Lol

Joan's Good Life said...

Gee Jess...I look at it this way, you helped break me in. Now I can be a good Nana. lol

I'm looking for easy patterns. Unlike your aunt and your mother, I'm not very good at this kind of stuff.

But I will keep you posted... ;-)

Chellebelle- I don't know... I'm thinking I'll just have two things I'm working on, yoga socks AND baby stuff. (he-he) Constant baby stuff! Thanks for turning me on to I LOVE that site!

Corinnea- Thank you! I am so excited! I wish you could meet "my favorite dil" she is such a sweetie. A great addition to our family! There are times when she reminds of Jess. ;-)

sherie lee said...

So, for all those baby knits to come, join, tons of baby things and alot of them are free! What a wonderful, exciting time for you and your family!

chellebelle said...

Hey..just an answer for you on the violin.. it's still with the repair man... I got nothin' yet...