Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is going to be a rather boring post, I can feel it... along with my aching bones, joints and muscles.  The good news is... we're all moved out of the old house.  The bad news is... there is soooo much that needs doing in the new house.  Although the new house is larger on the whole.  I have lost some space in other areas.  Like in the pantry.  Even though my pantry in the old house was rather non-existent, it was still more than I have in the new house.  So I'm trying to figure out how to arrange my food items between the kitchen and the basement.  I'm also a bit short on cabinet space in our new house.  The good news is that in five years we'll be able to gut the kitchen and build something that will be exactly what I want.  But for now... gotta figure out how to work with what I've got.  

We began moving on the 28th of March.  We had 15 people plus 5 kids, helping us pack and haul my stuff.  We also hired a company called "Two men and a truck" to load up and move as much of the furniture as possible in a four hour time frame.  They did an excellent job too!  So most everything got move except clothes from the upstairs rooms and the basement stuff.  (We had a TON of basement stuff!!!)  And there were the normal odds and ends that got left behind.  Then my honey and I spent the rest of the week getting everything else!  Packed it and hauled it.  Down the street and around the corner, back and forth for 7 days!  We finally got the last of it yesterday!  The old house is empty and the new house is in shambles.

Today, we had the City Maintenance guy show up at our door and ask if we used to live at the old house and I said... yes.  Well, seems that the wind took out a tree in our old neighbors yard and that tree took out the power line, cable line and phone line and the pole the phone line was on.  FORTUNATELY, all those lines made it so that the tree fell very gracefully/slowly onto the pergola so the pergola was not damaged at all!  The tree broke 4 fence boards that separated our old yard from the neighbors yard.  Did not do any damage to the structure of the fencing at all.  So, all in all.  That tree that had us and the neighbor worried about for the past nearly three years, actually came down with the absolute least amount of damage possible!   

We contacted the new owners of the house, by phone, and told them what had happened.  Not exactly the way we had envisioned meeting them.  But they seemed nice and friendly.  AND turns out that they live half a block away from the house.  We had no idea!  For some reason we thought they were coming from Omaha.  So, when my honey saw that Omaha power company was going down Main street to go towards the old house he decided to walk over and see if they needed anything.  Well, there was the man that was the new owner of our old house.  That's how my honey met the new owner and found out where they lived.   They are currently renting a house down the street from their new house!  

Okay, I suppose I should get back to work.  Sorry, no photo's this time.  Moving day was a mad house.  I wish I had even thought about taking pictures but to be honest... all I could think about was just getting through the day!  At one point I did stop and look around me and all I saw were bodies everywhere, wrapping, packing and carrying all around me!  It was like looking at an army of ants all busy, busy, busy, moving, moving, moving, all around me!  I'll tell you, we live in the best little town ever!