Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello, hello!

Yesterday I got my new, old kitchen table! We have an antique shop here in our town and although for the most part I don't purchase from it, (tad expensive), every now and then the guy will give me a good deal on an item I inquire about.

I went in a few weeks ago and asked him... "Corky, I need a round, oak table for my kitchen. It has to be sturdy enough to be able to kneed dough on it, do you have one?" Then we proceeded to haggle away at a price. We finally came to an agreement and he showed me what he had. Then they cleaned it up (you should see his shop! LOADS of stuff EVERYWHERE! Some in great condition and others in need of some serious love. The one he showed me needed some lovin'. And boy did they give it that cuz it looks wonderful now! Anyhow, it is now in my kitchen looking totally smashing!

So now.... I'm in the market for some new chairs. But for now, I'll just recover the two that I have and hopefully I'll find two more somewhere soon. Hmmmm, I think I may stain the chairs a little darker as well.

Fun, fun, fun! I just love my new old table! ;-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny shoes and other stuff.

Good morning all!

I was looking through some of my photo's that I had taken a while back and found this pic of my friends daughter. Actually, it's her feet. She got these "shoes" from her dad. Anyhow, they look hilarious but evidently they are supposed to be good for your feet! They are supposed to help her with her running! (She's a runner, cross country to be exact). I don't see that, myself, (the good for you part). All I see are funny looking shoes. Can you see that each toe is housed in it's own little spot? That just cracks me up! It's kinda like those socks that were big when I was growing up! Ya'll know what I'm talking about! ;)

It's been a while since I last talked to her about her shoes or her running for that matter. I must ask her how well her shoes have helped her with her running and or time. ;-)

So next is the aerogarden. It is doing very well. I was a tad skeptical for the longest time. The plants were growing but... I don't know, they just seemed skimpy. But they are beginning to look like real plants. Plants that I might actually be able to use after all!

The sage is getting a bit tall. But that will be rectified next week when I use the sage in my Thanksgiving meal! I'm sure once I cut it it will become fuller.

As for Thanksgiving, still no word about Baby Girl. Still hoping that she'll be able to make it here. And I'm sure we'll be going down to Kansas to visit family while First Born and Cutie Pie are here.

Oh! Here are a few of the coasters that I made. These are the ones I kept behind because they really weren't so good. But the other's I took to the craft fair. And they all sold so.... ;-)

And I am still working on my crochet table cloth. I am over half way done, but it is slow going lately. I can't seem to find the time to sit down long enough to make a square! But I'm still shooting for December as the finish date. I think I can make that.

Well, that's about it from good ol' Nebraska. I've got errands to run and lunch to deliver to a friend who broke her ankle! Hope you all are doing well and not stressing too much over Thanksgiving. Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby girl!

Hello everyone! I have some news about our baby girl! She's engaged!

He asked her this month! And she said "Yes"! We are so happy for her and we so love him already! He's the wonderful young man who chased out the bat from our house! Brave soul! We are so happy that our baby girl found someone to love and who love her so very much! He will be a very welcome addition to our family! And here's the ring! Isn't it just stunning?! Baby girl has such good taste. Of course we all know where she gets that from. ;-)

The center stone is an emerald shaped, radiant cut yellow sapphire. It's gorgeous! I haven't seen it in person yet. Hope to be able to next week. My first born and his wife, "cutie pie", will be flying in on Saturday and will be spending Thanksgiving here with us. If all works out well, we hope to have our whole family together for the first time in... three years! But, we'll have to see. Baby girl is very busy she may not be able to get away. I'm just going to think positive thoughts and maybe..........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall back

Hello everyone! How are ya'll doing? How are ya'll adjusting to the time change? Is anyone out there struggling like me?

I must admit though, that I have managed to get quite a lot done these last three days! I get up earlier and I have gotten my devotions done and then gone swimming at the base in-door pool and then run errands and then come home and get my house cleaned and laundry done (and actually put away!!!) I even got a few quilted coasters made for the church Fall Bazaar! AND... I stayed awake for Bible study on Monday night. And today, after my swim and my quick run to the commissary, was UMW in the afternoon then tonight I have chime choir. And if I'm really good I'll try to get some more coasters made. I've got two complete sets of 4 so far and I'm shooting for 6 sets. I also need to make a small grab bag for my honey. He's trying to get the kids motivated to learn scripture and to bring their bibles to class. I thought maybe a little "motivational" something would do the trick. I got small items from our local Christian book store and now need to make a bag to hold them in. Anyhow, lot's of sewing in store for me this week. The Fall Bazaar is on the 14th of this month! NEXT WEEKEND!

This past weekend my honey and I worked on clearing out the garden and getting it ready for the winter AND raking leaves in our yard! My honey had some fun with our boys. He got a huge pile of leaves raked up and then threw them into the pile! He threw Ethan in first. And I'm sure he "threw" him in. Then while laughing, my honey came and got me and told me to bring the camera as well. And then he threw Ricky in.
Ricky was none too thrilled as you can see.

And here's Ethan looking disgusted at my honey.

I should have taken a picture of my honey laughing at the boys... but I didn't.

Well, I need to get some things done before I head out for Chime practice. It's been a loooong day so far, but tomorrow I think I'll be able to stay close to home and not run around so much. Maybe even get more sewing done!

Hopefully, everyone else isn't feeling all messed up with this time change. Enjoy your fall colors cuz I don't think it'll last too much longer. I have a feeling winter is going to be here soon!

Fun, fun, fun! ;-)