Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall back

Hello everyone! How are ya'll doing? How are ya'll adjusting to the time change? Is anyone out there struggling like me?

I must admit though, that I have managed to get quite a lot done these last three days! I get up earlier and I have gotten my devotions done and then gone swimming at the base in-door pool and then run errands and then come home and get my house cleaned and laundry done (and actually put away!!!) I even got a few quilted coasters made for the church Fall Bazaar! AND... I stayed awake for Bible study on Monday night. And today, after my swim and my quick run to the commissary, was UMW in the afternoon then tonight I have chime choir. And if I'm really good I'll try to get some more coasters made. I've got two complete sets of 4 so far and I'm shooting for 6 sets. I also need to make a small grab bag for my honey. He's trying to get the kids motivated to learn scripture and to bring their bibles to class. I thought maybe a little "motivational" something would do the trick. I got small items from our local Christian book store and now need to make a bag to hold them in. Anyhow, lot's of sewing in store for me this week. The Fall Bazaar is on the 14th of this month! NEXT WEEKEND!

This past weekend my honey and I worked on clearing out the garden and getting it ready for the winter AND raking leaves in our yard! My honey had some fun with our boys. He got a huge pile of leaves raked up and then threw them into the pile! He threw Ethan in first. And I'm sure he "threw" him in. Then while laughing, my honey came and got me and told me to bring the camera as well. And then he threw Ricky in.
Ricky was none too thrilled as you can see.

And here's Ethan looking disgusted at my honey.

I should have taken a picture of my honey laughing at the boys... but I didn't.

Well, I need to get some things done before I head out for Chime practice. It's been a loooong day so far, but tomorrow I think I'll be able to stay close to home and not run around so much. Maybe even get more sewing done!

Hopefully, everyone else isn't feeling all messed up with this time change. Enjoy your fall colors cuz I don't think it'll last too much longer. I have a feeling winter is going to be here soon!

Fun, fun, fun! ;-)


Pam said...

Ethan looks particularly less than thrilled.

corinnea said...

Isn't that the look Ethan get just before he tries to claw somebodies face off??? Ricky looks resigned. ha ha.
Lovely fall colors there. Ours are all but gone. Yes, struggling with the time change and the rain which you know makes things even darker. Not to mention a nasty cold. Oops guess that was all about me. ha ha

insanely crafty said...

I am totally loving the time change. I hate getting up when it is dark outside! Fun busyness. I am going to be so busy the next two months it's not even funny!

chellebelle said...

When I was teaching our teenagers in Church, I hid plastic eggs for Easter and had put Bible verses in them about love.. all different kinds to remind my students of the REASON for the cost of the season, anywhooo.. those kids loved the hunt for the eggs, and whoever found the egg had to look up the verse and read it... They had a lot of fun with it..