Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny shoes and other stuff.

Good morning all!

I was looking through some of my photo's that I had taken a while back and found this pic of my friends daughter. Actually, it's her feet. She got these "shoes" from her dad. Anyhow, they look hilarious but evidently they are supposed to be good for your feet! They are supposed to help her with her running! (She's a runner, cross country to be exact). I don't see that, myself, (the good for you part). All I see are funny looking shoes. Can you see that each toe is housed in it's own little spot? That just cracks me up! It's kinda like those socks that were big when I was growing up! Ya'll know what I'm talking about! ;)

It's been a while since I last talked to her about her shoes or her running for that matter. I must ask her how well her shoes have helped her with her running and or time. ;-)

So next is the aerogarden. It is doing very well. I was a tad skeptical for the longest time. The plants were growing but... I don't know, they just seemed skimpy. But they are beginning to look like real plants. Plants that I might actually be able to use after all!

The sage is getting a bit tall. But that will be rectified next week when I use the sage in my Thanksgiving meal! I'm sure once I cut it it will become fuller.

As for Thanksgiving, still no word about Baby Girl. Still hoping that she'll be able to make it here. And I'm sure we'll be going down to Kansas to visit family while First Born and Cutie Pie are here.

Oh! Here are a few of the coasters that I made. These are the ones I kept behind because they really weren't so good. But the other's I took to the craft fair. And they all sold so.... ;-)

And I am still working on my crochet table cloth. I am over half way done, but it is slow going lately. I can't seem to find the time to sit down long enough to make a square! But I'm still shooting for December as the finish date. I think I can make that.

Well, that's about it from good ol' Nebraska. I've got errands to run and lunch to deliver to a friend who broke her ankle! Hope you all are doing well and not stressing too much over Thanksgiving. Have a great day!



Pam said...

I keep meaning to make some cute coasters like that to take to school, to sit my coffee mug on!

chellebelle said...

I love those coasters, especially the bottom ones, love the colors!! I can't wait to see an update on the table cloth! Right now I'm trying to rush some knitting in for Christmas.. lots of fingerless gloves, in alpaca yarn!