Thursday, February 11, 2010

my, my...

It is Thursday already! How time flies when... you're busy, busy, busy!

See those lovely little buns? They are called Yorkshire Teacakes. I got the recipe from a bread book that baby girl gave me a few years ago! She is such a thoughtful daughter! Anyhow, the teacakes were so yummy. I made them last Thursday. I try to make a little baked goodie to take to our friends house when I go to visit with them. They are our neighbors across the street and I go over there every Thursday to see how they are and what they've been up to and to give the Mr. a chance to spend a little time with my dog Ricky. The Mr. loves spending time with Ricky and as long as the Mr. has a little sum'n, sum'n for Ricky... he's a happy camper. I enjoy the visit's because I get to sit and chat with the Mr. who is full of all kinds of stories. He's in his mid 80's and he's done lot's of traveling around this here United States. Lot's of stories about the various trips he and Miss. O made in their trailers and their friends convoying together down to Tx. and MANY other states. As well as stories about this lovely town we live in. He used to run the grocery store here in town! And Miss O makes coffee and little munchies to eat while he tells the stories. She's very quiet. He loves to talk. Not sure if she's always been this quiet or has become that way out of lack of opportunity to speak. ;-) But they are both such caring and generous people. They are the same people who fixed lunch for us and our moving crew when we were moving into this house!

Today, I may end up not taking anything over. I worked out longer than I had planned this morning and then I sat and chatted with my friend afterwards. I have to make pizza dough and sauce and a dessert for tomorrow's Baby Boomers gathering. We're having Pizza and a movie night. Plus, I have to make dinner for my honey and myself tonight and I had planned on making pasties with wine sauce. So... that's a lot of time in the kitchen for me today plus, I've still not taken a shower! I suppose I should do that before I head on over across the street to the Mr. and Miss O's house.

Ya'll have a great day. Hang in there if it's a tough one, you've only got one more day 'till the weekend! ;-)


chellebelle said...

Busy Lady.. I love speaking with our older citizen's too.. I'm a history nut, so I love to get perspective on certain times in our history, from people who were there.. Something that I don't see changing, no matter the amount of people I speak to, is that we are all the same as humans, and the problems we face, Money,family,extended family,laundry,housework/chores, life's basic day to day is the same, regardless of the decades that you live it in. At least the human heart remains steadfast in it's worry/sorrow/joy/love. Aren't we humans just so fascinating?

corinnea said...

Time sure does fly! It's already the middle of Feb. You posted three days ago and I am just seeing it..... I miss your cooking, that's for sure! I love hearing life experiences from previous generations.