Monday, June 20, 2011

NOW, I'm allowed to announce.........

Hello everyone! Hope everybody had a great weekend. Did yours go by as quickly as ours did? I mean seriously! And it's not as if we did anything spectacular or especially fun. In fact, I can't really recall in any clear detail on what we did. I just remember thinking "yay! It' Friday!" and then suddenly it's was "oh my! It's Sunday already?" And NO, there was no drinking involved! Well, a little wine with our dinner on Sunday. Which by the way... the wine? Super yummy! If you enjoy a good bottle of dry red, then you really need to try ANY and ALL bottles of Concannon Vineyard wines! (Pam!) About the only memorable thing about our weekend is the dinner we made on Sunday. We bought a 16x16 inch stepping stone that we bought specifically for our gas grill. Then we made pizza! We had the Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon with it and it paired beautifully with our pizza! We are still playing around with the pizza on a stone concept, but our first try turned out really well! And no, I didn't take any pictures. Sorry. We were too hungry! The desert was home made strawberry/rhubarb sorbet (both of which were picked from our garden!) which turned out super yummy! And no, I didn't take pictures of that either. Sorry! I know, I'm a slug!

Speaking of which... (pictures, not slugs. Ha-ha) I do have one picture I want to share with you all!


One of the first pictures of our newest grandbaby! :-)

At the time of the picture, we didn't know what gender it was. Now we know! And it's a girl!

This will be Oldest Son & Dilly-girls second baby! And I'm sure they are even more excited now that Grandbaby #1 is turning into a walking/running little boy already! If I could figure out how to upload videos I'd show you all how well grandbaby #1 is walking at 10 months!

So, there you go. My announcement! What an exciting year it's been so far! Grandbaby walking, Baby-girls wedding and a new grandbaby on the way! :-)



Jessica said...

YEAH!!! And a girl! Lucky them!! Open a Vimeo account for the videos. Its the easiest/fastest way I found. And it's not Utube... can't wait to see what you make her!

Corinnea said...

WOOT!!!! How perfect! So very happy for you all! Need to see the video of the walker. So fun!

chellebelle said...

Wonderful, Wonderful.. we will need to get to skyping soon and talk all about it! I'm missing you!

Pam said...

Congrats!!!! Just getting caught up on some way behind blog reading!