Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uber large noggins....?

I am wondering... does my family REALLY have uber large heads? Seriously. What is the average size head? Because silly me, I've been sitting in this house, and at bible study and various waiting rooms just a knitting away trying to get some projects done and I didn't really think about these things potentially not fitting. I followed the pattern directions, for adult sizes. So, they should fit. Right?

And yet, when I tried one of the hats on .... it didn't fit quite the way I thought it was supposed to. And then I tried on another hat, this one was a bit snug. And then I had my honey try one on... same thing. A little too snug. OH MY GOSH! So now I'm in a panic! I'm asking myself, is it really the hats? Or is it our heads? I always knew that my honey's side of the family had rather (okay, excessively) large heads. But now it looks as if I too have a larger than normal head circumference! It couldn't be the patterns themselves... I mean, the many people who bought these books and patterns would have complained... right?! So, since I followed directions and I used the correct yarns and I did the swatches... that all means these are made according to the pattern directions, to fit the average size heads. Which means..........................


So, my next question is... will blocking all these items make them larger? Because these items were made for my family. And they have heads like us. So if these are going to be usable items, they MUST become somewhat larger! So, are there any knitters out there that read this blog? And would answer this question for me?! Because I don't have time to make more things especially if I have to go and alter the patterns to fit our monster heads!

Question:... will blocking my knitted items make them some what larger?

(Please say, yes!)

Okay, I have to go now. I think I'll go do some shopping. I may need (backup) Christmas gifts to hand out to family! Maybe knitting isn't for me after all......

I hope all of you are having a great day!
(I'm working on mine...)


Pam said...

I have no helpful advice! This is why I only make scarves.

Joan's Good Life said...

Maybe I'll have to do that too! Or just make gifts for people who are much smaller than I am! ;-)

Kathy said...

Depending on the yarn content things will get bigger when you block them. But they will need to be reblocked every time they are washed to maintain that size. My guess is that you are going to need make adjustments.

And yes I know they have larger heads. That's why I make sure the hats I've made had lots of ribbing all the way around. Shannon loves them.


Kathy said...


Remember that the Yarn Harlot says that swatches lie.


corinnea said...

Sooo glad I am not the only one with these issues. I think I have a family of big heads!

chellebelle said...

If they are wool (animal fiber)then blocking will help, but what Kathy said.. needs to be done everytime they are washed.. to prevent this from ever happening again, and to be sure you never need to use a pattern for a hat again, you need to ask Santa to bring you your first Elizabeth Zimmerman book.. "Knitting Workshop" You will learn so much your brain will do a happy knitting dance.. That crimson sweater I made? Knitting workshop, all of the hats and the new sweater that I just finished and I PROMISE I will actually post today (hopefully) all due to Elizabeth Zimmerman and her genius. you will be a Bornagain knitter. I swear!