Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grandbaby alert.....

I was going through my photo's and I saw this cute little face and I had to put it in the blog. This is what he looked like on the 13th of November. He is such a cutie-pie to us! And the little smile he has is just so... adorable it makes me wanna just snag him up and snuggle him! And maybe even smother him with a ton of Nana kisses! (I'm gonna get those in before he gets too big and starts to really complain about Nana kissin' him too much! Oh wait! What am I saying? He'll never do that! He's our grandbaby and our grandbaby is perfect!


So, this picture was taken in November and he looks like a solid, little guy! I know, he's a big one! We are in the process of having a baptismal gown made for him (by a wonderfully, lovely friend of mine (thank you M!) our of my wedding dress. Baby girl found her dream dress which is a total DREAM! So, my dress was sitting down in the basement just taking up space. But I didn't want to just throw it out or give it to goodwill, so I talked my, said friend, to make a baptismal outfit out of it. I haven't seen it yet but I am really excited! We believe there will be enough fabric in the dress that we could actually have a baptismal gown made as well. Plus she is using the lace to make a jacket and a baby bonnet to match. Seriously, really excited here! Anyhow, I'm praying that it will fit him!

And this is what he is looking like these days. He looks like such a happy baby! And that has everything do with his happy momma and daddy! They just spoil him and love on him and he just shares all that lovin' with the world! Just look at those thighs! Don'cha just wanna grab him up and make slurpy noises on those thighs?! Well, I do! And I'll be able to real soon! Well, I hope so anyhow. He's 4 months and he is becoming more aware of his surroundings and familiar faces. He may just take one look at his ol' Nana and decide he doesn't want anything to do with me! And if that happens, everything will stop and all I will be doing is trying to get the little guy to become familiar with me. Cooking, cleaning, socializing will all come to a screeching halt until our little grandbaby decides he's okay with me! Theeeeeeeeennnn, maybe I'll share him with his granddaddy!

A few days ago our Dilly-girl called and put grandbaby on the phone and he was just a babbling like crazy! (takes after his ol' Nana! ;-O ) It was just the cutest thing EVER!

They are going to be here in 10 days! I have 10 days to get everything ready for their arrival! AND Baby girl and fiance will be coming here soon (no exact day yet.) but soon we will have our WHOLE family together! We are going to be so happy! (doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance right now!)

Okay, so I need to get back to work. I REALLY need to get out and go for a run. The kitties and puppy are staring me down 'cuz they're hungry! And I have a BUNCH of things I have to get done today so.... they are not going to get done if I continue to sit on my duff, here at the computer.

Take a moment to reflect on a mindful joy every few hours through out your day!


Norma's Nonsense said...

He is so cute Joan, and yes, he is very squeeze'able! Enjoy snuggling with him and do try to share with granddaddy!

insanely crafty said...

what a cutie! I can't believe he is already that old! Can't wait to see pictures of the whole family!! Has Sheena met the little guy yet?

chellebelle said...

What a doll baby! and what a wonderful idea for your wedding dress!! I cannot wait to see the results. And I cannot wait to see your pictures of when baby boy is home with you!

Pam said...

Oh, he is a cutie!