Thursday, December 16, 2010

A dusting....

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share the little bit of white we got from yesterday evenings precipitation.... It's still a ways from Christmas, but I'm beginning to get a little nervous here. Our first Christmas here in Nebraska was nice. Lacking a bit in the snow but nice none the less. Then the next two years were awesomely loaded with snow for Christmas! Last year, we had SO much snow that it annoyed most everyone! But this year.... I'm a little worried that it's going to be skimpy in the snow department. Our dilly-girl is heading out here and I told her about the white christmases that we'd had in the past and she is looking forward to that! But, well, as I said earlier, it's still a bit early for a Christmas forecast.

Last night, as I walked to church for Chime Choir practice, it was looking a bit like it might snow! After our practice ended, I walked out and heard little chink-chink sounds. Icy rain was falling. This morning I looked out and this is what I saw from the upstairs window.

These photo's were taken from our upstairs balcony. I love looking out over the tops of the houses across the ally way. Anyhow, I've got my fingers crossed and I say a prayer everyday in the hopes that come Christmas time we'll have a nice coating of snow! Oldest son and his family will be here on the 17th and baby girl and darling fiance will be here on the 23rd! It will be SO nice to have our kids and their families all together again!

Okay, I've got errands to do! Picking up the Baptismal outfit today! There is still enough fabric to make a gown next. Anyhow, will show pic's later of how it turned out.

Hope ya'll have a fabulous day and don't get stressed out! Enjoy what the good Lord has given you!

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corinnea said...

Glad you're getting the snow you wished for!!

How fun to have all of your kids home at once. You are going to have a blast!