Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Hi everyone! I hope ya'll had a safe and memorable Labor Day weekend.

We started out the weekend with a get together of our friends. And as usual, I was having such a good time that I totally forgot to take photos. My honey made bar-b-que brisket and I made cucumber & watermelon salad and everyone brought something so that, as usual, there was more than enough food to enjoy!

We also (the ladies) made a few Corn Husk Dolls. The UMW is having their mini-retreat at my home next month. Many of the ladies have been in this house at one time or another over the years and are all curious to see what we have done in this house since we moved in. Anyhow, the retreat is on Native American Culture and I am doing the craft. So my friends and I decided to "test run" the craft to see how long it would take to complete a doll and exactly how to go about making them. Turns out that you can make a doll in about 20 minutes IF you don't chit-chat. If you DO chit/chat then it takes 45 minutes!

Didn't they turn out cute? My friend Mary made the best ones! She even has their arms bent so they don't stick out like scarecrows like mine! ;-)

So, we made those and then talked and snacked and then one of my friends (Mary's) granddaughter was getting ready for Homecoming and wanted to show her grandma how she looked all dressed up. Naturally, I wanted to tag along (I am always looking for "blog" photos) and she only lived practically down the street, so off we went to take a look and and take photos. And oh my, what a lovely young lady she is! I should probably tell you all. I'm not much into other people's children. For the most part, they annoy me. There are very few kids that I like being around. And I have to say, this young lady is one of the ones that I DO enjoy being around! She is very kind and considerate of others, smart and athletic and such a pretty girl! She very generously let me take several photo's of her and she waited patiently for me to snap, snap, snap away!

So, after many minutes of grandpa and I taking photo's of the dear girl, grandma, grandpa and I wished her a fun and safe evening and we went back to the house to enjoy the food and conversations! At the end of the evening it was just my honey and myself and our good friend "Old Neighbor"! We sat out on the front porch listening to the Cicada's and watched the bat fly around eating bugs. And sat & talked 'till bed time.

Sunday afternoon, my honey power washed the deck. That is an AWESOM tool! We had no idea just how icky that deck was until he took the power washer to it! And then "old neighbor" came over with a pot of chili and a pan of cornbread at dinner time and we all chowed down! She was busy working at her brothers farm helping him and his family get the corn maze worked out and setting all the other fun activities up for the upcoming opening of their corn maze and pumpkin patch! They operate a place in Blair called Skinny Bones. My honey and I are going to check it out next month!

And then today, he spent the day staining and sealing the deck. It looks really good! Poor guy, he worked hard all weekend! Getting the brisket cooked (he got up early to get it started) and then power washing and staining. I just did the normal Monday routine, change the sign at the church and housework. ugh!

And now he's standing at the kitchen window looking out at the bird feeder and having himself some almonds.

I'm just hoping he'll hurry up and get in the shower and then I can get dinner started. Hmmm I am thinking of making sweet & sour pork. Yeh, that sounds good.

So, that's what's been going on around here. All in all, a fun weekend with friends and good food and some work thrown in for good measure.

I hope ya'll had a good weekend. Got some relaxing done and are ready to head out into the working world again come Tuesday morning.

Take care and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more random bits of this and that going on in my life, here on this site. ;-)


insanely crafty said...

How fun! It looks like you had a lovely weekend! Love the corn husk dolls so pretty. I can't wait to see the finished pic of the porch! I love seeing all of your rooms unfold! You post reminded me that I keep meaning to buy a flag for the house!

corinnea said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Except for the work part. Well, actually even the work part is fun when it's your own house huh?!

Let us see the whole deck now!!!

chellebelle said...

I want to know how to make those dolls!!! I want to know how to make those dolls!!! I want to know how to make those dolls... really, I really, really want to know!

chellebelle said...

On the subject of those knitted shoulders, if you were 4 blocks away, I would have helped you long ago.. but, in my absence, walk into your local yarn store (I'm sure you have one.. look for one with nice friendly, laid back people) and I promise you that they will walk you through those shoulders...