Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally.... Sort of.

Well hello everyone! I hope ya'll have been doing well since my last post. We've had snow melting for the past week but then we got about two inches of snow yesterday! I was very happy to see the snow. Others, however, were not. And it wasn't a long lasting snow. I mean, it's all pretty much melted by this morning. Things were looking kind of brown there for a while. And it was rather dreary since we've had rain and cloudy skies for the past week. So "I" was quite happy (YES! I said happy!) to see some lovely snow.

So, I finally finished my French Knit Felted Slippers! Well, sort of anyhow. I only have to apply the puff paint onto the bottoms of the slippers. And they really need them. Especially on the wood floors! These slippers are slickery on the wood floors! But otherwise they turned out okay. I'm not too pleased with them as far as wearability. But that has NOTHING to do with the design, and EVERYTHING to do with the knitter (me). I did something wrong in the heal area of the slippers. They seem to sit too low on the heal and they slip off. But, part of it could also be the fact that they are a bit large for me. I made them for someone who has larger feet so maybe it won't be so bad once she puts them on. But, the next slippers I make I REALLY need to pay attention to the joining of the heals part of the instructions. I just need to find some puff paint and then I"m done! YAY!

I believe I mentioned some time ago, that I was knitting a sleeveless Cardi. Gosh that was over a year ago. Anyhow, I never finished it. I got so frustrated with it and I couldn't figure it out no matter how hard I tried. So I wadded the poor thing up and threw it into a corner and sort of "tried" to forget about it. I worked on other projects and even completed them. Which made me feel really good. But that poor wadded up ball of mess kept haunting me. It kept saying "you failed... you gave up on me... Until yesterday. Yesterday I swallowed my pride and went to a knitting store called A String of Purls here in Omaha. They have the nicest ladies there that are so helpful! And their store is so lovely. All those colors and textures and a wonderful sitting area in front of a wonderful fireplace that you can sit at and work on your knitting. So yesterday I went there because several people had told me that the ladies at String of Purls would help knitters with their knitting problems. I finally decided to do something about the sleeveless cardi AND the yoga socks! So I packed those things into my bag and hauled them to the store. And sure enough with the help of the ladies there I was able to figure out where I'd gone wrong on both projects and left there feeling quite confident at being able to complete both items and I even bought a couple skeins of fun yarn for baby girl's hat that I am going to make her! And so, I went home really excited to work on my projects but couldn't find a moment to even look at either of them, let alone work on them, the the rest of the day. And I probably won't be able to work on them today what with all the things that need doing and then tonight we have a get together with friends so those two projects will have to wait until this weekend. And then LOOK OUT BABY, 'cuz all I'm going to be doing is knitting!

Whew! There you go. Hopefully, I'll have something to show ya'll on Monday. Wish me luck!


Pam said...

Those slippers are so cute! Good luck with the rest of your projects, I'll be ready to see the results after a weekend of knitting!

chellebelle said...

YEAH!!!! I am so jumping up and down in excitement!! (I really did just jump up and down!!) I knew that there was someone to help you there! .. Although I was seriously considering getting skype (is that how you spell it?) so that we could hook up on computer and I was going to show you myself!!) Don't worry about the slippers, in truth, I would consider myself to be close to a master knitter, and I had the exact same problem with the french press slipper pattern, so I would change the pattern to have a higher heel too. (this is why I make the sock slippers..) I do not think it was you... but, you choice in yarn!! WOW! love that colorway felted!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! (I'm jumping again....)

corinnea said...

Your slippers are so cool!!!!! They look great. Glad you are getting advice for the things that are causing you grief. You are doing WAY better than I am.

Glad you liked the snow but I am seriously over it. Even when everything turns brown and slushy I just want winter to be over. I know it is a state of mind over that actual weather but that's the way it is... I need to be warm.

More pictures for goodness sake!!! Love ya!

nwd19 said...

Whoo-Hoo! Good for you--