Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Springfield Days


It's that time of year foks, where people gather outside along the curbs or driveways to set up their chairs in an attempt at getting their opportunity to enjoy front row seating for the Annual Springfield Days Parade! As you can see, people are milling around on our drive way. But you don't see anyone sitting out on our porch. And that is because this year, as last year, I volunteered to head our church's (now) annual cake walk event. So, although I have visions of having a porch party with all our friends sitting around and sipping basil lemonade and watching the parade go by. They have yet to be lived out. Perhaps next year. ;-/ It's sad because we have such the perfect porch for that activity!

So, my honey walked across the street to hang out with our friends at their house and took these pictures of the parade going past our house. And I was at the fair grounds at the pavilion hosting the First United Methodist Church of Springfield's Annual Cake Walk!

And we had kids of ALL ages enjoying the music and the fun! This kid here won a cake and proceeded to pick a cake that he soon found out, was the cake that his wife donated to the cake walk! And don't think age slowed him down any when his wife told him that. He promptly said "Well no wonder it looked so good!"

The whole weekend was filled with games, food, contests of one sort or another, rides and flea market stalls! Our church also sponsored an Antiques Show & Tell. And there was even a small write up about it in the Omaha World Herald! Alas, the Show & Tell wasn't as big a success as our Cake Walk. But, hopefully next year we'll get a larger turn out.

So, all in all, fun was had by many in our little town of Springfield. And this Thursday our Springfield Day's Committee will meet again to begin planning for next years event. Oh, the fun never ends.....

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. ;-)


corinnea said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! Love the goose guy, I cannot even imagine trying to dress those geese!

Your house is absoluety gorgeous.

chellebelle said...

Sounds busy, but fun! And good for your cake winner! still smooth with the ladies! Joan, I'm learning my lessons for violin on line.. go to my profile and e-mail me and I will get you the info. I would e-mail you but you don't have a link..