Friday, February 18, 2011

How to say thank you...

Hello everyone! This post is about saying thank you to a special friend.

Okay, so I wrote out a waaaay long post about my two longest known friends (I'm a military brat so, that's a whole 'nuther story in and of itself, but if you know anything about military life that explains alot about friendships and the term "longest known friends".) But I scrapped that post because I realized I was a bit too emotional for the blog. I wanted to explain how much these two specific friendships mean to me. And then, realized that it would probably make them uncomfortable. Mainly because these friendships mean more to me then it means to them. (They are normal, I have issues.) ;-> So having said that...

My friend Corinnea, whom I've known now for 18 years but haven't seen since... 2003(!), sent me a package two days ago. In it were two items she made for my grandson! And, two items she made for me! I am SO happy that she thought of my grandbaby and me. And I am SO embarrassed at the same time. Because she recently had a grandbaby too and did I send her or her grandbaby anything? NO! Not only did I not make him anything, but I did not buy him anything either. Anything I could make, they (my friend and her EVER talented daughter) could make better! That also goes for anything I could have bought! So, I did nothing. (So much for showing my friend how much she means to me eh?) Then I get this package and I just want to cry.

She made my grandson THE most adorable backpack and the blanket is so cuddly! It's soft and fuzzy and I'm sure he's going to take the longest naps with it! ;-)

Just look at the swirly fuzzy fabric! And it is SO soft! (I almost want to keep it myself!) ;-)

Oh my! These pictures just don't do these items any justice at all! Trust me when I tell you, these are SO much better in person!

(I really need to work on my picture taking skills!)

I've already put my bags to use. The long tubular bag hold the necessities for my IPad paraphernalia and the larger bag I have my camera items, ie., instant camera, cords, mini tri-pod and lens cleaner. I LOVE them! And I can't wait for you to put more bags up in your shop so I can purchase others! (I adore bags of all shapes and sizes! It makes me feel so organized!) ;-)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And while I was trying to write a post that would not make you feel badly in any way... because I certainly didn't intend for you to feel anything but happy and good about your lovely and very thoughtful gifts. I do want you to know just how much YOU mean to me and how deeply your thoughtful gesture has touched me. AND in the process of writing this, I actually came up with an idea for something that maaaaaayyyyyybbbbbbeeeeeee, might be Micah worthy!

So. I end this post with a less guilt ridden thank you and a more hearty THANK YOU!

Love you Corinnea!


Corinnea said...

Oh my goodness! Has it been that long since we've seen each other??????

I guess I can answer this post by telling everyone that you saved my sanity when we moved to Germany. Literally. I. Would. Have. Not. Survived. So who means more to whom? Issues? I got em too!

So, thank for being my life long friend; a bosom buddy, a sister of my heart.

I love you too!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous gifts...and beautiful messages - from both of you!

Friendships like these make my heart sing!