Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can you believe it?....

Hello everyone!  It has been SO long!!!  So much has changed since my last post.  So, this will be a short post just to say, hi!  And to fill in the gap (highlights only) from my last post to this one!  And honestly, I will TRY to keep it short.  Those of you who know me, I tend to get a bit long winded when I'm trying to explain things!  ;-)

Here goes.....

I went to Seattle to visit with my son and daughter-in-law (aka dilly-girl) when she was pretty near to giving birth to their second child.  I spent a month with them and was with her when their daughter, Aliza Grace Minori, was born!!!  What a beautiful day that was!

I spent  nearly three weeks with that little girl and her brother.  Had the bestest time EVER!  And Granddaddy was able to visit for a week too!

Then the holidays arrived and with that, news that our son would be transferred to Alaska and then immediately be off to Afghanistan.  Plans were made for dilly-girl and kids to come stay with us and then the military put the kabbosh on that!  Rules and regulations.... Long story short, (see, I am capable of telling a short story...)  Dilly-girl and kids moved to Alaska in January of 2012 and our First Born stayed in rear detachment instead of going to Afghanistan!  YAY!  As much as we would have LOVED having the grandbabies and Dilly-girl living with us, we much preferred that they be able to be a family together!

Thennnnn, Dilly-girl had the opportunity to come back to the lower 48 funded by her wonderful Big sister,  Heather!  Dilly-girl and the kids went to where her sister lives and they were able to go visiting with family.  And we were included in that visit.  A surprise birthday visit for my Honey!  Heather baked a cake just for my Honey's birthday and Dilly-girl and the kids drove it to K.C. (the half-way point for them and us).  Baby Girl and Darling Drew were able to go to K.C. as well and they helped to facilitate the "lie" to get my Honey to go to K.C. without suspicion!

Big Sister

Happiest of Granddaddies!

I wish y'all could have seen the look on his face when he first realized that it was Dilly-girl and the kids at the hotel!  Priceless I tell you!

Baby-Girl finally met her Goddaughter

As did Darling Drew.   

We had a wonderful weekend with them and Baby-Girl and her hubby and our wonderful In-Law family John, Paula and Krista!  Truly a fabulous weekend!

And then, at the end of July I went to Anchorage to visit  with Our First Born and his family for 31 days!!!!  I took my Ricky along as well (he's such a seasoned traveller now).  I played and played with the kids and saw a bear out roaming around the housing area! I knitted a sweater for little Aliza and shopped and went sightseeing.  Oh and I saw a Moose too!  I ate Caraboo burgers and Reindeer Sausage and Moose Sausage and Fresh Wild caught Salmon!  Yummy, yummy, yummy!

All in all had the best time ever!  Of course there were tons of things that went on in between what I've described and today.  But, I did promise to keep it short, so......  ;-)

I will be back to blogging again on a more regular basis.  I've got loads of things I want to share with you all and lot's of new projects to make and do!  I have a special knitting project that I would like to get started on  as a remmemberance of my time spent in Alaska!  And lot's & lot's of other fun things!

So, stay tuned and I hope you enjoy a wonderful day!  ;-)


Rhonda said...

I was wondering where you had been. I thought maybe that last post about bread had done you in. Nothing like spending time with the grandbabies though.

Norma's Nonsense said...

Welcome back Joan!!! You have been busy with those grand babies! That IS the bestest time ever. Your babies are beautiful and you look great! It is so wonderful that you got to spent that time with them. Don't stay away so long.......

Corinnea said...

That last pic is so very cute!
It's good to see you back and I'm so glad you were out having such fun!

Joan's Good Life said...

Thank you ladies! There were so many things that happened right after I first returned last year. Mainly my computer was changed and different and it became SUCH a hassle to figure things out. And then everyday life began with such a vengeance! Anyhow, I"m back and I'm ready to go!
Thank you for your comments, it means so much to me that you continue to be aware of my blog! ;-)

Jessica said...

well I knew you were around here somewhere! I can't believe you left us hanging that long!!! :)
glad you're back!

Jessica said...

well I knew you were around here somewhere! I can't believe you left us hanging that long!!! :)
glad you're back!

Andrea Parsons (Dilly-girl) said...

We had an amazing time during your visit! Too bad you refuse to move here haha!