Friday, September 7, 2012

Some pictures y'all have missed...

Hello everyone!

Here I am again!  I've been gone SO long that I have TONS of things I want to share with you all!  My goodness, just yesterday I posted TWICE!!!

Today I'm going to post some pictures of our grand babies!!!  I missed out posting about our grandbabies there when I was absent from the blog.  So, here are just a few snippets of photo's that I would have posted had I not been a cranky computer owner!  (My main problem was a computer that didn't want to do what I wanted it to do AND having far too many things to get done in a day.)  

Mar. 2011

This was his "cheese" face.

This is him in Aug. 2012

And here is little Aliza Grace Minori.
Born in Nov. 2011

I can't remember if I had blogged about the quilt.  I actually made that baby quilt and finished quilting it while I was in Seattle waiting for her to be born!  Nothing like sewing 'till the last minute!

And this is her in July 2012

         This is her walking, she is 9 months.

This is them in Jul. 2012

And there it is.  A very small snippet of what I would have posted had I not had a little tiff with my computer.  I would post pictures of them EVERYDAY if I thought I could get away with it (and if Dilly-girl would send me pictures everyday)!   But, I won't do that to you all.

Now all is good and I'm back to playing friendly with my computer so you can expect to find me blogging away every week!  You lucky people!  ;-)

Have a fabulous day!


Norma's Nonsense said...

Oh they are so cute. Walking at 9 months? Really? They are both just little cutie pies!

Andrea Parsons (Dilly-girl) said...
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Andrea Parsons (Dilly-girl) said...

Oh my! Now those are some precious babies! Not that I am biased at all ;)

Jessica said...

They are adorable! I can not believe she's that old! How did that happen?!
He looks just like Aaron!

Corinnea said...

Oh Dear! They are so stinkin cute!!!! I love this. You can post grandbaby pics any day!

chellebelle said...

So adorable! I just realized that I haven't posted anything on mine since jan... It's some kind of crazy sin. Joan they are amazing!