Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blah with a twist

Okay, so today is a nothing sort of day. Not, as in, nothing to do, sort of day, 'cuz there is plenty of stuff I need to do. More like a "it's yucky outside and I'm not feeling motivated to do anything creative or energetic" kind of day. Ever have one of these days?

So, instead of doing any of the gazzillion thing's that I should do, I am going to go to my friend Ann's house and I am going to soak in her hot tub with her on this dreary, chilly, misty morning! She has made me her hot tub buddy! I mentioned one time about how I used to go to the spa in Wiesbaden, Germany and I especially loved going to their mineral pool! Part of the pool was inside the building and then you could swim through a tunnel and come out to the outside. The best thing about this was on a winter afternoon when the snow was falling and the sun was trying to peak out behind clouds, you could laze around in the warm mineral pool and watch the snow falling down around you. That was awesome! Anyhow, she has invited me ever since to hot tub with her on cold chilly nights and in the mornings after a work out. We still haven't managed to hot tub when it's snowing outside. But I'm sure that will happen someday. This morning it'll be just what I need. A good bubbly soak with a good bubbly friend! Actually, she's more of a calm, soothing type. Not so much "bubbly". Although, she does have her moments... But, I digress.

Today, I go and hot tub. Then come home and do all those things that need doing. Or at least, attempt it. ;-)

Hope your day is more.... more. (sorry, couldn't think of anything else.) ;-/


chellebelle said...

Sorry about the blahs... I feel ya. horrah for good friends and hot water.. in that order.

chellebelle said...

Hey, thanks for the comment.. the pattern I used (modified) was from (if you haven't seen this on line, free knitting magazine you will love it!) if you type in "fuzzyfeet" in the search it will take you to a link in the pattern archive. Great way to get your sock mojo going.. I don't have an teacher for the violin yet, I keep looking. See ya!

Joan's Good Life said...

Must admit... I like your pattern better! ;-)