Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holy Mackeral!

Where has the time gone? It's already into the middle of January and I feel as if I've gotten nothing done at all!

We have driven to Wichita for Uncle Ernie's funeral. It was sad but happy too. He was such a good man. Fun loving, and always friendly to everyone! He was very easy to be around and he and Aunt Betty were so good to me. And the very first time I met them I was engaged to their nephew and they welcomed me into their home and they made me feel like part of the family right away. Aunt Betty seems to be holding up really well. But then, Uncle Ernie is now happy and whole with our Lord. And she is pleased that he is no longer is suffering. His funeral was an opportunity for all the family to get together and celebrate his life and all that he's accomplished while here on earth. And he accomplished much! But the best thing was his family. His children and grandchildren are healthy, happy caring people.

that's due to his and Aunt Betty's dedication to them. It was wonderful to be able to visit with them. We ended up staying in Wichita an extra day because of the weather. As it was, it was pretty sktchy in places! This was taken towards the end of our trip back. The night before this road was closed. Imagine how bad it was that night?! The drifts were working their way across the street very quickly. We were very glad to make it home.

Last weekend we drove down to Manhattan. My honey went to help paint the staircase at his parents house. We also were able to visit baby girl and her fiance. And while my honey was painting, I went to the yarn shop and bought some yarn. And... no, I didn't "need" more yarn. But I bought it anyway!

Monday night we had a little birthday celebration for our old neighbor's daughter who happens to have the same birthday as baby girl. And since baby girl couldn't be with us, we had a dinner party with neighbor friend and her girl. I even made paisely cake for her just as I would have for baby girl, had she been here! I made yummy home made ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce for dinner and neighbor girl said she liked it. Okay so this picture really doesn't do the dish

justice! (Pam! I wish I could take photo's like you! You'd have made this plate look positively scrumptious!) So, anyhow, it tasted really good and there was enough left over for my honey to take to work the next day. So, he was happy.

I didn't take a picture of the paisley cake. It looked wonderful, even better than the ravioli, the cake was all chocolaty with fluffy white whipped cream filling that had flecks of peppermint candy in it! When we pulled the cake out of the fridge we all got a little jumpy with excitement and I started cutting right into it! No thought of picture taking at all. I was doing good not to drool right onto the table cloth!

So, today, I finally managed to change out the sign at our church. I'm supposed to do it every Monday, but there for a while, getting to the sign meant that I had to wade through nearly thigh high snow drifts. So, I hadn't done the sign. My hone, being the sweetie that he is, blew out the drift so I could get to the sign. Well, once he did that, I had to go and do it. Didn't I? So even though the drifts have been gone for the past week. I only just today finally got it done.

Also today, I picked up my violin! It's all restrung, new bridge and other minor things done to it and it's ready to be played! Now, all I have to do is make the final arrangements to find an instructor who will be willing to teach an old woman how to play!

So, there are tons more things that I've done, like knitting and crocheting and buying a car... (yup a new car is what I'm driving now! I'll post about that another time. For now, I'm sure ya'll are about done with this post! I know I am! ;-)

I'll close for now and I hope to be back soon. Very soon! I still have photo's to show of the felted slipper.

Hope this months hasn't gone flying by for you as quickly as it seems to be going for me! Enjoy your january!

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chellebelle said...

I'm sorry about your uncle (I count him as yours too!) I am glad to know that he suffers no more, I am excited to hear that you got new yarn, that is always a cause for a celebration, and really excited about the violin.. I'll blog about why on the ol' queenie..