Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 Halloween Parade

Hello everyone! I have today, photo's of our town's annual Halloween Parade. What is that you ask? Well, in our town we have an elementary school on Main street. And every year the children and teachers that attend the elementary school get dressed up in their costumes on the last day of school before Halloween and all walk down one side of Main Street down to our small downtown area and then walk back up again to the school. The downtown businesses hand out candy to them as well as our church and the Masonic Lodge and some of the other businesses that are here in town but don't have their buildings on Main St. The weather for this years event was absolutely beautiful! Earlier in the week we had gale force winds! AND it was really getting quite cold out! But yesterday was ideal! And everyone who was involved had a great time! And just for the record... Our church handed out full sized Hershey Chocolate bars! Yup. We sure did! ;-) Ya'll should have seen the looks on the kids faces!

So here are a few photo's from this fun day!

Pastor Marvin helping to hand out candy.

One of the lines of kids in the parade.

Here's one of the many teachers dressed up.

Ooooo, some scary kids.....

Of course, we must have at least one Nebraska Fan!

And here is the Masonic Lodge folks getting in on the fun!

And here is our wrapped FULL sized candy bars!

Because I was helping to hand out the candy again this year, I couldn't get down to the downtown business area to take pictures. These are all photo's near our end of Main Street. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to get pictures of the Businesses handing out their goodies! I think it's so great that there are businesses that participate in what is going on in the town that they have set up shop at.

So, there you go. Another year of the Springfield Halloween Parade. How about ya'll? Anyone else have interesting events going on in your town?

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween All!


Pam said...

This looks like such fun!

corinnea said...

Looks like fun! Wondering how Halloween will be here in our new neighborhood.....

chellebelle said...

This is such a fun idea. we have children go through our little mall like area near our home. Other than that it is pretty traditionaly. I had my first unisef box in years last night though!