Saturday, November 13, 2010

First snow!

Hello everyone! Last night we had the beginning of our first snow fall of the season! It snowed off and on for a few hours and we probably got about a half an inch. But, it is warm out so it's melting rather quickly. And by warm I mean it's 39 degrees outside. ;-)

But that's okay. Because this is only the beginning. I don't know if ya'll remember, but last year we got our first snowfall on October 10th! THAT was early for us. This year it's still a bit early but not overly unusual. The thing I truly love about this place is that for the most part we have white christmases. And I absolutely ADORE that! The only bad thing about snow around christmas time is that fact that the roads get rather icky and I worry about baby girl and her fiance driving up from Kansas.

Anyhow... I've been keeping busy. I've been doing some knitting and I'm getting better all the time! (what a surprise huh?) I've actually finished the fingerless gloves, although, they didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked. They look good, but I have issues with the cuff on the right hand and the gusset on the left. Blah! But when I actually put them on they aren't half bad. That was a crochet pattern. I think I'll look for a knitted pattern and see how that goes. I even finished three other knitted projects for gifts! And those took about three weeks! See? Getting better! ;-)

The guest bedroom is nearly done. I ended up picking up another project to do for the guest bedroom that I hadn't planned on doing. But, it's a needed item so.... And... my honey put up the shades we bought at Lowe's and they look fabulous in the sun room! Not only do they look great, but they also help keep the room a bit warmer. The windows in that room are OLD! They are so old that they have the wavy glass in them. And I know that they are not economical as far as keeping the cold air out and the warm air in... but, they do LOOK wonderful and I love looking through them. The room is on the North side of the house and it can get pretty chilly in that room. But these blinds help minimize the chill in the room. And with my new japanese kotatsu table, it's quite nice to sit there! And that is where I've been doing most of my knitting.

So, as you can see, I haven't been a total slug. I've been keeping busy and getting a few things done around here. I PROMISE to have a little show and tell of the rooms once I'm done.

I apologize for not having touched base with ya'll sooner. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh by the way... I had this picture of our little grandson that I just had to share! We just think he's too darling for words! ;-) And when we get new pic's we like to share, as you have seen!

And on this note, I will leave ya'll to have that wonderful weekend! Catch ya'll later!


corinnea said...

Oh my word that baby is so cute!!! It just makes your heart ache doesn't it? We are two very fortunate grammas!

Your snow is lovely and I know I will miss that part of winter being down here in FL. I put away my coat, you know the one.... =)

Pictures please!! I want to see more of your projects and house!

insanely crafty said...

what a cute baby! I love seeing pictures of him!

I want to see more pictures of the house too!

Pam said...

What a cutie he is!!

I am currently knitting a cowl. I'm thinking of trying socks next!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Joan he is adorable. Look at that sweet little face, a real cutie pie.

chellebelle said...

What a doll baby! And such a strong little neck! And of course you are getting better at your knitting. It's not magic, it's practice! I'm sure that you can tackle fingerless gloves, I think the knitted ones would be easier to shape than the croceted ones. There are some great patterns for them at "" a free online knitting magazine.