Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy pretending....

Oh my goodness! Hello every one! My apologies for having been gone for so long! I've been busy pretending. Yes, pretending. I've been pretending to be like the Yarn Harlot! Okay, not so much knitting in her style (have you SEEN her actually knitting?) or even in being as prolific a knitter as she is. But in my head (I'm knitting like the Yarn Harlot who knits like the wind blows here in Nebraska!), I've been knitting up a storm! In the last nearly three weeks I've actually knitted FOUR hats! Did I mention I did that in nearly three weeks?! FOUR HATS! Oh, and I should probably mention I even started and ripped out (at least a couple dozen times) a pattern for (knitted) fingerless gloves. But, alas, they have yet to be made. I did find a pattern for fingerless gloves that didn't call for a definite left or right hand. But, so far, no luck in getting those completed.

I did, however complete one pair (of crocheted gloves) that I complained about a while back. I say, "completed", did not say "completed correctly". You can see that the thumb gussets
do not match in shape and the cuffs are different.
The gussets were a problem for me. One that I could not figure out where I was going wrong. But, the cuff I know exactly what I did wrong. (Yay me!) The one on the left I crocheted in each of the chain stitches, the one on the right I crocheted around the chain stitch. So, now I know, I will not be lazy and and crochet around, I will always crochet through each chain. The good thing is that they are wearable. So I've been wearing them. I just don't let people look at them too closely! ;->

So, there you go. I've been busy pretending. In my head, I was pretending to be the Yarn Harlot and it worked for me. I actually got quite a bit accomplished (for me, that is) and I hope to continue in this until I get all my knitting and crocheting completed! ;-) So, it's back to the needles for me! But, after I'm done with all my projects for the holidays.... I'm going to SERIOUSLY work on how to ACTUALLY knit like the Harlot! It's amazing! Someday I'm going to be a cottage style knitter! Oh yes I am!

Have a great day! ;-)


corinnea said...

You are so productive! Funny too. I am still working on a wash cloth going on two weeks now.... woot!

It's great to pretend. Sometimes I pretend that one day I'll be as great of a cook as you are! At least you have a chance of your pretending coming true...

chellebelle said...

You did marvelously well! and as my grandfather used to say.. "No one would notice from a trotting horse." This means something when you realize that he spent his life being a cattle rancher ;) I love Stephanie's work too.. I aspire to have my days to work on knitting too. Alas, I cannot, but the dedication it takes to finish all those hats is great (you've been bitten by the bug my friend.) I wish I had skype I would set up the computer and we would chat, and I would give you free knitting lessons! Maybe for Christmas huh? In the mean time, set your knitting mind free and go and get the Elizabeth Zimmerman book "Knitting Workshop" She is all of our knitting Guru.. Even the yarn harlot learned at her knees... Happy Thanksgiving!