Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hurray, he's here!!!!!

I am SO happy to introduce Stuart to his new home.  At first I don't think he was too thrilled.  You can tell when he's not too sure about something because his little peaks on his hat will sort of lay down a bit.  I don't think he's too sure about our weather here.  It is much colder than Germany...  Today it is 5 degrees outside, but I wanted him to see our back yard with the snow falling.  Can you see he was looking a bit...unsure?

So then I had to put him down for a little bit and let him get warmed up.  I really needed to get a few thing done so I left him alone and in just a little bit I realized he was making friends with his new housemates.

I think they are all going to be the best of buddies!   So, as they were all getting to know each other better I decided to get some of the things done, that has been put on the back burner, like... cleaning, delivering goody bags and such.  And when I got home, what do you think I found?  Well, let me just show you!

I think he figured out how to use my camera faster than I did!  When I downloaded the picture of the boys getting friendly I also noticed all these other photo's that I am SURE I did not take!  But, they sure are cute.  It's nice to know he was checking out his new digs.  And if you look closely, his little peaks on his cap are definitely beginning to perk up!  That's a good sign... isn't it?

There were tons more pic's of little Stuart but I really need to get more things done today so I'll have to go.  But I can assure you that Stuart is going to fit in this household just perfectly and I will do my best to share all the wonderful things that Little Stuart will see and do here in Nebraska.  So for now, little Stuart say's "Tootles for now!"


corinnea said...

So glad Stuart arrived safely! Probably learned the camera tricks here.... Glad Ricky's not scared of him!! I know that cat's not!!!! ha ha ha

The Hudsons said...

Hey there! We have the same blog background!

The caroling was great-glad I went!

Rev. Eldon said...

Loved to see Stuart. Is he going to be around on New Year's day? Looking forward to meeting him.