Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to smell like Christmas.....

Baking day!  Yesterday was a lovely day for baking.  It was VERY chilly outside and nice and toasty in here.  I love this time of year.  Not for the gifts but for the family and fellowship of
friends and all the yummy goodies that get passed around!  

Our local library has a "cookie walk" every year in December.  It's a fund raiser for the library and we have such great folks in our town which means we have great participation.  Anyhow, I worked on my contribution for the cookie walk yesterday.

 Now, don't look too closely.  The icing was a bit thin so I had issues with these kiddo's faces and clothing.  Actually, some of them look down right 

 But!  If you go strictly by taste.... mmmmmmm, they are totally scrumptious!

  My honey and I had a round one (you know, the leftover dough that you bake up so you don't have any wasteage).
  I decorated those so that they were cute and fun and we ate one after dinner.  And they were super yummy!  The icing is what takes the flavor over the edge!  Anyhow, my house smelled like gingerbread and I had Christmas music playing and the only thing missing was the snow falling.  But it sounds as if we'll be getting that this Sunday and I am so hoping that it is snowing when we leave for church!  I just love walking to church in the snow!  

P.S.  For future reference...  Dont' Blog & Bake!  The results are not pretty!


corinnea said...

I made fudge on Friday!!! I shopped for the rest of my stuff today. Now to see how much I get done....

I can almost taste those coookies! YUM!!!

Sheena said...

post your marshmallows!...I have finals to prep for and I need something to do on my sanity breaks!