Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello all!  I do hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday.  I was going through all my photographs of the past years and realized once again just how amazingly blessed I've been.  Not just this past year but through out my life!  I'm not saying that I haven't had bad things happen.  Like everyone else, my life has had some really low, low's and great sadness.  But, I believe that those have helped me to appreciate ALL the good in my life.  Okay, so some of you know that I wasn't very appreciative during the little "blips" I went through back in the mid- 90's (Florida) and again in 2002-03 (Leaving the kids & Iraq) and perhaps again in 2005-07 (Alabama).  And there were other times earlier when things were just awful and painful but... Those more recent icky's, were little blips (okay leaving the kids in the States and my honey going to Iraq was actually pretty traumatic!) in my otherwise awesomely blessed life!  My health has been nearly perfect, (odd cold here and there).   I have a husband who shows me everyday how much he loves me.  My children are healthy and happy.    My parents are still active and a part of my life.  I have friends who love me even when I whine and moan about how everything is NOT going my way!  And they are still friends after all these years, which is pretty amazing when you realize that I'm a military brat and started making friends long before the computer age and had to keep in contact through snail mail!  And just this year, I've made more fabulous friends!  My church family has been a great source of comfort and joy.  And this is new for me.  I've not been very "church-y" in the past.  I am only now learning that God has been putting people in my life (my whole life) for the purpose of bringing  me to Him.  And because of the (little, tiny) bit of stubbornness I have...(those of you who know me...STOP laughing!) it's taken me till last year to begin to listen and follow.   

As I mentioned earlier, I was looking at pictures, and I started thinking about how each of the people in my past helped to bring me to the place I am today.  Friends who showed by example (not words) what a Christian life is all about.   And I say a special Thank You to them in my prayers.  Because of them I am beginning to live a more comforting life.  A life full of the joys and wonders that Christ has to offer.  And I pray that I will someday be for someone else a witness to the love of God as those friends were to me.

So I will begin the year of 2009 with gladness in my heart for all I've learned from my old friends and my new friends.  With joy in my heart for the man who has kept me in his heart all these years.  With peace in my heart for the knowledge that I haven't completely screwed my kids up, because they are doing, oh so well!  And with growing faith that God walks with me now and forever!  I pray that you all will have a blessed 2009 and that the new year will bring you joy, good health and growth in your walk with Faith.   And to end this year on a fabulously joyous note...Happy Birthday to a woman who means soooooo much more to me than she can ever realize!  She knows who she is...  Love you bunches!  "C" you some day soon... I hope!  =-)

Happy New Year!


Rev. Eldon said...

You have also been a blessing to so many people. Thank God for your friendship and your willingness to serve.

corinnea said...

Funny, I don't exactly remember whining just commentary on various places and the ups and downs of living there. You were strong for others and yourself when it counted the most..... That's my take on it anyway!

It is a comfort to know that far or near, I can count on you as a dear friend.

Your happiness makes me glad.

Thank you!!

chellebelle said...