Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Having a grandchild...

It makes you really think about your life. The past... the here and now... the future. It really hit home that we are grandparents when I saw my honey hold our little grandson for the first time.

He looked at this little guy like he was looking at a miracle. I could tell he couldn't even say a word because there just weren't any words to say.

Then he looked up at our son and daughter-in-law and smiled such a happy smile! It still makes me a little watery-eyed every time I look at these pictures. I remember the look he had when he first laid eyes on our son. (Honest I do!) He did not have that same look at all. He had a combination of joy and fear! He was happy but scared as well, we were so young. All that responsibility of raising a child, and everything that goes with it. But with this grandbaby... we get to enjoy the wonder, the fun and joy of seeing this little one grow and develop, without all the added pressure of teaching him everything he needs to know in life. His parents get to have that job and we get to just enjoy being with him and showing him how to see the little things that life has to offer.

And it all makes me think about what we've accomplished in our lives. Our kids and how they've turned out. I must say, we are quite proud of our two! Our son has become a responsible and caring man, has a career in the Army that he enjoys, he has a wife that adores him and a son that is the shining star in all our eye's! Our daughter is everything we could ever have hoped for. She is a strong woman with goals that she constantly reaches. She is smart and funny and beautiful! And she has found a good man that loves her dearly and makes her happy. Both of our kids are healthy and whole and have wonderful futures to look forward to and partners to share it all with. What more could we, as parents, ask for them?

The here and now for us is really good. We both have our health, we have each other, a loving family, wonderful home and great friends!

As for our future... it looks bright and full of more promises! I'm a happy, contented person and I am SO okay with being a Nana! I am going to enjoy this new chapter in my life. And I am going to enjoy watching my honey in his new role as granddaddy! ;-)


chellebelle said...

What a great post!! I love the pictures and you all look so happy! I'm really happy for you about your grandbaby and you should be proud of your children not everyone can say what you have about your children... Be proud of the job you did. (both of you of course)

Now we just need to get you playing your violin! ;)

corinnea said...


I am filled with joy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Although I hope it's a few years away, I am looking forward to having a grandbaby...it will be something to see my boys having their own.
I read through all your posts and are you in Springfield??? My husband works there and I'm there all the time! What a small world ~


insanely crafty said...

love the family pictures you all look so happy!