Friday, September 3, 2010

Everyone's a winner!

So, here it is... Everyone is a winner! And even though there was a certain someone who isn't interested in knitting needles, she'll be getting a little something too! Like maybe some stitch markers. Because... I had them to give away! And I was so happy about being able to actually share something with ya'll! ;-)

So here's a peak at some of the ones that I will be giving away. Hopefully I'll be able to pick out just the right one for each of you.

The colors seem to be off a bit. The square bead has more of a pink color to it. And the clear one is definitely more pink than clear.

It's still showing clear isn't it? Oh well, even some of the purple is getting lost in these pictures.

And here are the stitch markers. You should be able to use these even with the circular needles. I've found these to be rather nice to have when I'm crocheting too. I can put them anywhere that I need them for when I have to keep track of a row of different stitches.

Thank you all for sharing your time, talents and friendship! And I hope ya'll enjoy the little something that I made and I hope that it inspires you to try new things, or retry old things again. May God Bless you and keep you!

P.S. For those of you who don't have your e-mail address listed on your profile page. Please contact me I need to get your mailing address so I can send out the needles. Thanks.



corinnea said...

Thanks Joan! They all look so pretty. Now I WILL have to try knitting again!

chellebelle said...

WOWZERS! Those stitch markers are beautiful!!! And I happen to be starting sleeves on my winter sweater I could really use those to mark the middle of each sleeve.
(I should probably post about the sweater I've already made for the summer, and the winter sweater that I am making now!)

Stephanie said...

Thank you!! I'm excited to be a winner!