Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I wasn't going to do it.


But, the fault lies with The Pioneer Woman!

It's all her fault.

I was reading her blog and she was talking about how a blogger should try to blog everyday. And I thought, HA! There's no way I could blog every day! My life is NOT that interesting. And I don't even take very good pictures! And everyday life gets in the way of always doing cool and awesome new crafting projects! Oh heck, for that matter, even plain old crafting projects! So, there are more days than not that I don't have anything I could possibly blog about. And then, after I finished reading her blog, (and thought those thoughts.) I went to check my e-mails and there, there was a picture of my sweet little grandbaby. And I thought to myself.... "self, you should post this picture up on your blog because it is funny!" And truly, it is funny (in a little bit scary kind of way). Now, most of you have seen pictures of my grandbaby and most of you have said he's just adorable. And he is... most of the time. But this time... Well, see for yourself.

I don't know... For some reason he looks a little weird to me. That one eye is looking off in another direction and it's kinda weird-ing me out. And that little smirk thing he has going... I don't knowwwwww. It's times like these when I wonder what that little boy is thinking.....

Okay, so there you go. I blogged about nothing in particular. BUT, I did manage to squeeze in a picture of my grandbaby, even if he is looking a bit.... strange. ;-)


chellebelle said...

Actually he looks just fine to me.. he really looks like my boys did when they were attmepting to fill their pants... ya know???? I will not hold you to the blog everyday thing.. but I know that our buddy Pam does a fine job of it (so admire her!) She has a thing that she posts about on each day.. like garden tues.. you could do Fencing Friday.. :)

Joan's Good Life said...

Awww Chelle...You make me laugh! Fencing Friday! :-)

But you are right about Pam, I don't know how she and others like her do it! They are just amazing!

So... when are you going to post your video of you playing the violin? I'm still pretty amazed with you over that! You ROCK!

insanely crafty said...

I actually thought he was pretty cute... I think my exact thoughts were- hey I see some of Joan there!

corinnea said...

He's darling!!!!! You made me laugh!

Posting everyday is over rated but I am glad you posted this! You are funny and he is very cute!