Saturday, April 2, 2011

QUESTION: How long....

Hello everyone!

The question for today is.... How long does it take to make one pair of socks?

Well, if you are me.... It takes darn near for EVER!

I am still working on my first adult pair of socks. I have taken these apart 14 times! But, this is the longest they have ever been. I believe these are actually going to be completed this time. I am about 3 inches away from starting the heel flap!

The top photo shows the tops of the socks. The second photo shows the bottoms. Notice anything? Go ahead, scroll over both the photo's again and see if you can see the problem. Look at the sock with the marker on it. Notice the colors? Well, I only noticed myself as I was posting these pictures. And I am seriously thinking I might have to unwind and start all over again. I'm all about matching. I'm about symmetry. I like things that are supposed to look the same, to BE the same. And these socks are not the same! I wound the skein of yarn wrong. Not sure how I did that. But I did and now... I have a decision to make. If I continue to knit these as is... can I live with it? Or will it drive me too crazy to wear them and see that they don't match, even a little bit. I'm not a perfectionist! Okay,maybe I'm a "wanna be" perfectionist. But, I'm also old and tired and I think I'm good with the colors not matching. I don't want to unravel this and begin all over again on my 15th attempt at these socks! So, I'm going to continue knitting these and so long as there is no other "obvious" mistake, I'm gonna have myself a pair of socks in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

Okay, I'm gonna get back to my socks. Thank you for listening. You may now return to your regularly scheduled routine. ;-)


Corinnea said...

I totally, whole-heartedly am behind your decision to continue! They look lovely and your stitches are nice and even! Just embrace them and finish!

chellebelle said...

My darling Joan.. according to my Goddaughters it is all the rage to have non matching socks.. they go out of their way to not match the socks.. Also, as you may recall I did mention that some yarns are dyed so that you cannot match them properly at all.. but these look wonderful, and if I were you, I would push on through and love them for what they are, Colorful, beautiful, verigated lovlies.. The socks I'm doing not are not exact matches.. can't do it because of the yarn.. be at peace, and knit your socks.. and let's get together really soon okay?

Joan's Good Life said...

Thank you both for being such fine, upstanding, super supportive friends!

I'm going ahead with the socks and I am SO close to beginning on the heel flaps. I'm really rather excited about it. The whole color not matching thing... well, when I bought this yarn I was told that they would match almost perfectly if I matched up the yarn. I tried and they wouldn't match up. And then when I got further along, I noticed that they do match up, they just didn't match up on the front. Meaning, I wound the yarn (or the makers wound the yarn) backwards. So the front of the right socks matches in color to the back of the left socks. Aaaaaarrrrgh!
BUT, I'm going to suck it up and live with it as is. Because I am too close to possibly finishing these socks!!!!! ;-)

Thanks ya'll!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

So nice to meet you.I think the socks look great! Not easy to make for sure.You left a comment on my blog and when I went to check it to post it it disappeared so if you don't mind could you reenter the giveaway.So sorry! I just want to make sure you have a chance at the anthro giveaway.Not sure what's up with blogger these days.~Cheers Kim

WhiteWhispers2u said...

That is sooo odd! I still can't see it, though the new one is up.Good Luck~Thanks Kim