Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garden planning and a Give-A-Way!

Hello everyone!

As you've seen, we've been getting some more snow lately. Of course I am just thrilled! But, others are not and evidently, they don't appreciate the smile on my face nor the cheerful comments about the "lovely snowfall"!

And, even with the snow coming down and resting on my emerging plants... I too am looking forward to new growth and implementing new ideas for our garden and landscape! ;-) I actually pulled out my garden books this morning and started looking to see what I want to do this growing season. The first opened book is my old garden book. It's the one I started when we first moved to this town. Having moved into a new place, I had no idea what to expect from the yard. And then little by little I added to what was already there. THEN, we moved to our current home and once again I had to wait around to see what this place had to offer in the way of plantings. The colorful third book from the top, is the book that my honey purchased for me and I use it for our new houses garden/landscape. But I still refer to the top book because it has lot's of info I can apply to this place. (Seeing as how we only moved around the corner and up the block from our old place!)

I also purchased a Garden planning and design book. There are ALL KINDS of neat things in this book. Ideas that I'd like to incorporate into our yard.

I also decided to draw and paint in my new garden book. Might as well work on my "artistic" skills as I'm working on creating an interesting, artistic yard. Right?!? Pretty to look at and full of information!

I've put in pockets to keep all my plant tags. I've got tabbies to keep track of info that I will need regularly. And I've pasted information that I found in other magazines and newspapers and internet.

And I've made it quite colorful too! Different color pens, highlighters, tabs and drawings (some not so good but, oh well.) I have so much fun getting ready for my new season of plantings for the garden and the yard. ;-)

What are you all doing? I'll bet some of you have already been planting. Do you have books that you keep yearly information about your garden in? Leave me a comment telling me about your techniques in keeping up with what you've done! I love new organizational ideas! AND if you blog about my site AND this topic I'll put you on my list of potential winner of a GIVE- A -WAY I'll be doing on Friday April, 8th! I'm not going to say what the winner will get, that is part of the fun. Don't you think? ;-) So, let's see what grand ideas ya'll have and also, what you have done so far to plan for your growing season!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to ya'll soon! ;-)


Pam said...

I love your garden journal! It is so much cuter than might, which is just barely used and paractically worthless.

Joan's Good Life said...

Thank you Pam. Sometimes it's difficult to keep going back to something when it's boring and dull. That is why I try to do some drawing and painting as well as enter information in some colorful way. It makes me want to take it out and not only put more things into it but to also look back at what I've done in the past.
I hope you'll pull your garden book out again and begin making it pretty and interesting!

Corinnea said...

I second Pam... your book is so much cuter that mine. I was feeling good about actually remembering to get the book out! ha ha. Thank you for the inspiration to make it pretty and fun. Now I want to start my book all over.... I could've (tried to) draw what I planted instead of writing it out! Of course I could still end up clueless as to what I planted but it would have been more fun!

Now I just need to post photos of what I did...

Joan's Good Life said...

Well Corinnea, you definitely need to pretty up your Garden journal! And then you MUST show us all your lovely drawings and paintings! Because I KNOW that yours will be so, so lovely! I'm rather surprised that you didn't do stuff like that in your book! Seriously, you are so stinkin' talented! Besides, once you post your journal I'll be able to get some great ideas on what to do with mine too! ;-) So get to it and then share!

Corinnea said...

Why oh why do you insist on thinking I do everything well??? I will try so you can laugh and say things like oh, bless your heart.....