Monday, March 28, 2011

A Nebraska Spring and our grandbaby's feet!

My Nebraska Spring!

This is what I woke up to last Friday morning! Lot's of white stuff everywhere! It was so pretty! It snowed some the next day too! It didn't last long, although we had nearly three days of snow fall, it was the first day that actually accumulated like this. And today, most of the snow is gone! AND, the good thing is that none of the plants that were beginning to come up, were damaged.

These are the smaller of the two pairs of socks I made.

They fit him now.

He is growing SO quickly! And he is beginning to really move around! It won't be much longer now before he's running everywhere!

Something else I wanted to show you all. My mother-in-law made a quilt for her great-grandbaby. It's a 3-D type quilt in that the little animals all stick out of the quilt. It is SO cute! And Aidan loves touching them! You can see he is sitting on the quilt in the first photo. And here it is with the MIL holding it. Isn't the quilt adorable?! My MIL has sewing skills that are just amazing! I wish I could sew like her and Corinnea!

Okay, that is it from me. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I'll catch you back here real soon! ;-)


Pam said...

I am done with snow. Really. Love the socks and the quilt! I also wanted to thank you for you kind comments about Scrappycat.

Jessica said...

The socks are so funny! Love it!
I've never seen a 3d quilt that is really cool!

Corinnea said...

I cannot believe you had snow again. Seriously. It does not compute.

That baby boy is so stinkin cute!!!! It frightens me to think of these boys growing so fast! Those socks are wonderful. How are your pair coming??

Such a cute quilt your MIL made! I love the animals popping out! That must have taken such patience to do...She does have mad skilz

Norma's Nonsense said...

your snow picture is beautiful! The boy is adorable and love the socks!!!!!

That quilt is so cute and fun, what a treasure for that boy.

Dear Lillie said...

He is a doll and so are his socks! That quilt is really cool too!