Friday, March 11, 2011


Good morning everyone!

Well, I did it! I finished my little socks and I must say I am quite pleased with myself. I thought for quite a while that this would be the end. That I would give up and quietly hide the sad, sad half finished little things. And then try to distract you all with other things that I've done. But, sometimes my stubbornness shines through and I actually use that quality in myself to do something good. Like finishing the things I say I'm going to finish.

So, take a look at these little socks.

Now, keep in mind that they are straight off the needles. I haven't blocked them yet. But aren't they just so cute? I can't wait to see if Grandbaby will wear them. You never know, with my luck, he'll be a kid who hates wearing socks. BUT! I hope that by the time he is big enough to wear these (they are sized for a two year old, so he'll probably be able to wear them by the time he's one year old!) I'll have gotten MUCH better at making socks and I'll be able to size and fit a pair that he'll be SO comfortable in that he'll wear EVERY Nana made socks! ;-)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I actually figured out the heel. I found that making a heel is all about having faith. (I'm pretty sure that Michelle said that!) I tried and tried to understand exactly how all the wrapping and turning and knitting back and forth was going to have me end up with a heel. I was getting all wrapped up in the words "heel flap" and "gusset" and knit-picking everything. When I finally just let it all go, and decided to just to follow the directions and not question every step, and have faith that it would turn out the way it's supposed to..... Well, that is when it turned out!

So, now I've got my first pair of sample socks. I am going to make another pair so that I have two matching pairs of socks for our little guy. THEN, I am going to try to make a pair using Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' book. I like the idea that the socks Priscilla teaches you to make, allows you to make repairs to heels and toes when the need arise. Although, you can make repairs with the technique I just learned, it is more along the lines of darning, or patching. From what I understand, with Priscilla's technique you actually just pick up live stitches and cut out the bad part and just knit up a new heel or toe. (Not sure if I explained that correctly but, I am sure that the Priscilla way is better for making socks that will last tons longer through easy repairs!) All I have to figure out is how to make them using only ONE circular needle. Because I REALLY like how these little socks turned out and I didn't have to fiddle with a second set of needles. One set of needles, two pair of socks! So totally fantastic! ;-)

Okay, all of you out there who have been wanting to make socks! Go! Make! Socks!

And Michelle. THANK YOU so much for helping me and showing me how to make simple toe/heels and being so unbelievably patient with me. For not only skype-ing with me but also for putting up with me calling you several times and having you talk me through the steps over the phone too!

Have a great day everyone! I'm off to make another pair of socks! ;-)


Corinnea said...

WOOT! Socks! That is so awesome. I really can't even contemplate it. I am sure your little guy will love them. Kudos to Michelle for helping you out!

Pam said...

Congratulations!! I am planning a trip to the yarn store over spring break.

chellebelle said...

I love your socks!! and I love the time with you both skyping and over the phone.. you are wonderful!.. I'm kinda hoping you'll need help again soon so I have an excuse to visit again.. and yes, about the faith thing.. I believe I said, Indiana Jones having to step over the ledge in the third movie level of faith.. Serious faith to knit your first heels.. But worth the anxietiy and such a thrill!

Joan's Good Life said...

Thank you Pam. Which style of socks are you planning on trying? Something I found out while practicing with Michelle... Don't use yarn that has a bunch of colors. It's kind of difficult to see the yarn loops sometimes. Otherwise, the knitting of socks is quite fun!! (okay, once you figure out the heels!) ;-)

Michelle, silly, silly girl. No need for excuses! Now we can just have fun talking and knitting on skype! No pressure to teach or learn. I LOVED getting together with you. If we lived closer to each other we'd be getting together regularly to knit and chat, FOR SURE! So why not do it through skype? ;-) You just let me know when you've got some time and we'll do it!

Madisyn said...

Well done. I was wondering when you posted the slipcover if you had given up on the socks.

Joan's Good Life said...

Well, hello Madisyn!
Thanks for the "well done". I know, I'm sure I had several people thinking I'd jumped off the "completing the sock" wagon. ;-) But every now and then my stubbornness comes out for the good. This was such a time. I'm working on the other pair to these. My grandbaby is gonna have him TWO pairs o' socks! ;-)

Thanks for commenting Madisyn.

Corinnea said...

Your socks turned out so cute!! Of course your grandbaby will wear them! I think it is so cool that Michelle was able to help you that way!