Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Socks II....?

Hello everyone!

So, it's been a few days since my last post. Which is not unusual. It's not because I've been overly busy with crafting, cooking or even eating. Although, that last one I seem to be doing a lot more of. I'm actually trying to eat smaller meals more often. Otherwise known as, eating ALL the time! ;-) Which I really LOVE doing! But... I digress..... Actually, I have been doing a few things, I began working on a foot stool to slip cover. I worked on making the pleats yesterday and I must say, they have worked out quite nicely. Even easier than I had thought. But, the hard part, I think, is about to begin. I have to attach the pleats to the top fabric of the slipcover. I'm debating on whether to use/make cording to go around the top or just stitch the pleated fabric onto the slipcover top. I am now, at yet another, "thinking/figuring" stage of my sewing. (I do this a lot when I'm "wing'n it" in my crafting". No pattern being used, just making it up as I go along.) Sometimes the "thinking/figuring" time can be quite extended. This may be another one of those times. And when I get this way, I usually go on to the next project I've got going, 'cuz ya know, I've got another project in the works. In this case, the other project is one that I was stuck on when I decided to go back to the slipcover project (because I was stuck on what I wanted to do with that one, pleat or ruffle?) Are ya'll confused yet? ;-)

Soooooo! I am stuck in my knitting. I know, I know, I was talking about how wonderful this book is and how well I was doing. But then I had/am having a major brain cramp! I can't seem to figure out her heel! The pictures in the book aren't really helping me either. Up until this section if I had any difficulties with the wording I'd then look at the picture and suddenly be able to figure it out. But, the heel is a different story. I'm just not getting it. I sat for several HOURS trying to figure it out. I knitted, ripped out. Knitted, ripped out. And knitted and ripped out some more. I did that so many times that the yarn is becoming frayed! Out of my total frustration, I decided to call on a new friend. One who is always giving me information on great books. One who knits socks and other wonderful, useful items regularly. One who left me her phone number in one of her e-mails! Those of you who read my blog, probably reads hers as well. And if you don't, you should! She is funny and down-to-earth and so, so, so helpful! She is also the one who went out, the very day I called her, and bought a computer camera and installed skype! The amazing Michelle! If you want to hear more about the Skype session go to her blog. She posted about just that.

The skype session was AWESOME (say that as your voice wiggles while saying the word awesome!) It is so fantastic when technology actually works the way you want it to! I finally got to meet Michelle through skype and talk with her and laugh with her. Fortunately, there was no crying involved although, I nearly did do that after the skype session. Because, during the, oh so fun, skype session I got to watch her making a sock heel. I sat there and was amazed! It looked so easy. So simple. So....totally like I could actually do it. If only.......

If only I had grabbed my yarn and needle and followed her. I know. Crazy. I had this fantastic opportunity to learn something I needed to learn and what did I do? I just sat there watching her! Mesmerized by how simple she made it look. Listening to her talk about how and why she did what she was doing. And laughing nearly hysterically at times. (I'm telling you, she will crack. you. up.! And her boys are like that too! I know this because they hammed it up for the camera.) ;-)

And so, to sum it up. I still have socks that look like this:

It's further along than it was a couple weeks ago. But, not by much. Hopefully that will change soon! On Michelle's advice, I decided to purchase another book on sock knitting. Hey! If Michelle says it's a good one to get, then by golly I'm a gonna get it! Oh and while I was at it I picked up a set of interchangeable circulars too. Well, I had to get something else so I could get free shipping! ;-) Those should be along in a few days! Yay!

Until then, I will go back to my slipcover and try to complete that so I'll have something to show you all that I actually finished! I think I may have figured out how I'm going to put it (top fabric and pleats) together. Sometimes it doesn't take too much time away from a problem to figure it out. Let's see if this is one of those times. ;-)

I hope ya'll have a great week! ;-) And thanks for checking out my blog.


Pam said...

Since I haven't even started my socks, which book did she recommend?

Joan's Good Life said...

Sorry Pam I meant to leave a link for that book. Anyhow, it's Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.

Evidently, once you understand the construction of the sock and how she does heels. You'll be able to make any sock you want!

Michelle considers this to be "THE" book to have in order to make socks and make them easily. I'll have to get back to you on that!!! ;-)

chellebelle said...

Free lessons to you both.. Joan I was going to try to call tonight, but alas.. I have a reticent 14 year old who has homework that he would rather not own up to.. So by the time I get to calling you will be in bed sleeping .. I hope, So I will try tomorrow.

Corinnea said...

This is very cool!!! You've just got to love the internet at times like this. You can do it Joan... with a little help from your friend!