Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Walk/Art Festival...?!

Good day to you all!  

  We have had the most glorious few days ever!  Warm (like summer) but, very little humidity!  It is the "ideal" summer weather for me!  This year has been very nice in my book.  Some people were complaining because Spring was so cool.  But I was good with that.  Because it was not humid!  And so far, this summer is really feeling quite lovely.  In fact this past Sunday I spent the afternoon with my artist friend and her husband P.E.  who invited me over for brunch and then we went to downtown Omaha for the Art Walk or was it called the Art Festival?  Anyhow, there were hundreds of vendors, artists from all over the midwest and loads of interesting art works!  And although I didn't have my camera.  My friends did!  Okay so maybe I asked them to bring their camera along.  And perhaps I was a tad insistent.  BUT it was for all of you!  Really!  

Okay, so anyhow.....  My artist friend and her husband P. E. and I went to the afore mentioned Art Walk/Art Festival on Sunday and it was gloriously warm and thousands of people roaming from stall to stall.  There were some really fabulous things to look at and I wish I had thought to have P.E. take more pictures, but I didn't.  I was so busy just looking at everything and checking things out and ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the amazing concepts that these artists were able to realize into cool and fabulous realities, that I totally forgot to have tons of pictures.  But, I did remember to have one photo taken and that was of the crowd.

  And then P.E. took it upon himself to take a photo of the wine stopper that his artist wife and I purchased.  Unfortunately I was so excited about the stoppers and the art walk that I didn't specify "how" he should photograph the stoppers.  So... he got me in it too and as most of my "old" friends know, I don't do photographs of myself well.  So...  Yes, I cropped it so that most of  "me"  was not in the photograph!  I did leave a bit o me just so the photo didn't look too bad. I wish P.E. had taken a better shot of the stoppers though because those stoppers were so cool.  

I got two Millefiori tops which I absolutely adore that style of glass work.  Although, I did pick up several of the Murano glass items from Italy while living in Europe... I didn't get any of these babies there.  Anyhow I picked up two of those and then I saw a stopper with a painted tile of two cyclists on it.  They looked like the cyclists my honey and I saw on our drive around Tuscany!  So naturally, I had to get that for him!  Oh my gosh!  You should have seen the demo of how great these stoppers function!  They stopped up a big champaign type bottle filled with liquid and then LIFTED the bottle by the stopper!!!  It totally freaked me out.  I was so nervous every time they did it!    So, this thing is not only very nice to look at but it functions and performs very well.  Beauty, form and function!  Awesome!

So, that was my fun Sunday!  I'm so lucky to have good friends who think of me while my honey is gone.  

I hope you all have friends like that as well.  Sharing your time is a great gift!  I know, because I just benefited from that gift on Sunday!


chellebelle said...

I love walking through our Saturday market, and my whole family (the vulcan that I married and the two I gave birth too!) hate the crowd. I love to see what everyone has done! I love to sit on the bench and just knit in the sun. I have the best conversations with people just coming to see what I'm working on. Like minded, as all artists are!

corinnea said...

Fun day! Love art walks and the like. Still don't know why you hate having your pic taken, you're gorgeous. The wine stoppers, very cool.