Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kansas City Royals

Hello everyone!  This past weekend my honey and I drove to Kansas City and met up with the in-laws to see a Royals game.  I'm not much of a baseball fan.  Although, it's certainly more fun to watch when you are AT the game vs. watching it on the T.V..  But, it's much more comfortable watching it on T.V. than being at the game in hot humid weather.  And that is what we were doing!  It was HOT & MUGGY and every now and then there was a faint breeze but that was it.  I noticed that I had taken a boat load of photo's of the water fountain at the stadium.  I thought I had only taken one but evidently...not.  I suppose it was a subconscious desire of mine to be "IN" the water fountain.  That would have made the ball game ever so much more enjoyable.  Actually, the ball game turned out to be rather interesting. It was the Royals vs. the Cardinals.  I once went to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play years ago.  That was fun too, more so I suppose because my kids were there and they were so totally enjoying being at the ball game!  While we were waiting for the game to begin, there was an Army Induction Ceremony on the ball field.
It was really very special to see.  It's nice to know there are still those who are interested in serving their country.  No matter what the reason is that put them in the position of considering this move, I still applaud them for doing it!  And as I stood there in the stadium with everyone else, I said a prayer that these men and women will stay safe and find satisfaction and happiness in their decision to join the Army.  And then the game began.  There was a grand slam that occurred at one point in the game.  And there seemed to be several home runs by both teams.  Although, I must say, the Cardinals won the game, not sure what the ultimate score was since we left a bit early.  (Trying to beat that traffic getting out of the parking lot...) So, that was one of the things we did while at K.C.  We also went shopping the next day, which was okay.  I'm not normally one of those shoppers that like to go to all the big name stores.  You know, like Pottery Barn or Chico's or Anthropology.  Although they are interesting to go through every now and then.  I generally like to shop at smaller mom and pop shops.  But, we did stop and eat lunch at a place called "810".  There was probably more to that name than that but I can't remember, I was half starved by then and barely hanging on to my sanity by then.  Anyhow, it was a sports bar type place that served some really good sandwiches.   I had a smoked club and my honey had the Ruben.  We shared with each other and I must admit, the Ruben was pretty darn awesome!  And while eating our delicious sandwiches, (there were a bunch of T.V. sets everywhere) I watched a little Rugby, which by the way is a seriously rough sport!  And then after lunch we did a tad bit more shopping.  I stopped in the HUGE Barnes and Nobles and found a nice journal made with hand made paper.  I liked the fabric cover which looked like something I could use for my new gardening journal.  I REALLY didn't like my old one.  It was very utilitarian and not so cute (besides, I live in a new house).   So I bought that and then found a book  "garden planning & design" which has 500 ideas & professional plans for fantastic, easy garden improvements.  It was on the sales rack and has lot's of neat photo's and easy to understand instructions on how to recreate what you find in the book.  I walked away with only those two books!  Amazing!   Book stores can be a VERY dangerous place for a book lover like me!

So, that is what we did.  It's a three hour drive from here to K.C. and the drive time is the same for the in-laws coming from Kansas.  Three hours isn't overly long, I think we should do it again only this time, maybe go and have some Bar-B-Q!  And maybe hit a few yarn & fabric shops next time...    ;-)

Hope you all had a good weekend!  See you soon...


chellebelle said...

Wow.. I would have been knitting socks at a baseball game.. Sounds like a good visit though! We had a great weekend here as well!

Joan's Good Life said...

I did take some crocheting with me but it was SO humid that the thread kept sticking to my fingers and I couldn't get a good flow going so I just gave up. Seriously, it was that stinkin' muggy! But it WAS a good visit and fun! ;-)

Pam said...

Sounds like fun!

I love a fresh, clean, journal. All ready for whatever you are going to fill it with.

corinnea said...

I would so rather watch a game live than on t.v.!
I have done my share of shopping here this time..... never made it into a book store. love blank books. one day I'll have a garden journal.