Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer time...

Well, summer time is here.  It's hot and humid and everything is beginning to wilt under it all.  Including me!  I don't do humidity very well.  Okay, not at all!  In fact, I've been trying to lose some extra weight so I don't show up at our (my honey and I graduated from the same high school) high school 30th reunion all chubby and old looking.  (seriously, I saw some pic's of some of the graduating class a few years ago and I was shocked!  Oh my!  That was not very nice of me.)  Well,  I was bound and determined not to look all chubby and terribly middle aged.  And I was doing pretty good until... Summer time!  Hot, humid and um,... oh yeh, HOT & HUMID!  It is nasty!  The ONLY saving grace is knowing that it will only last a couple months at the most maybe three months tops.  Unlike Alabama or Florida!  Both places that I've lived in the past so I know what I'm talking about.  So, back to the weight thing.  I've pretty much stopped running.  I have managed to go walking with a little run thrown in every now and then along the way.  But the humidity makes me feel like I'm trying to breath underwater and I HATE that!  Plus I was doing the extra fencing once a week on top of that. So I was feeling pretty good about my weight loss workouts!  But, the part that I hadn't done was limit my intake of yummy food.  So here I am, looking nearly the same as I had two months ago when I first started running again after winter.  BLAH!  So now, I am going to begin limiting my intake.  UGH!  I HATE that!  But, what can a person do?!  All my normal tricks just aren't working anymore.  Like wearing clothes with verticle lines or tops with princes seams or super high heals with dark jeans... so on and so forth.  I am still looking chunky!  ACK!  Gosh, now I'm hungry.  I'm thinking about all the things I can't eat and now I want it even more!  Maybe I can appease my belly by looking at Pam's blog.   WELL,  I can look can't I?  ;-)

Okay, so I'm going to think about flowers.  I have been a good girl and for the most part have listened to my honey and not bought a bunch of plants for our yard.  I'm trying to wait it out and see what I've actually already have.  One of the things that I've got are the Day Lillies.  They are beautiful!  We had a bunch of them at the other house but they were the dwarf variety and they were more  yellow-ish.    These are huge!   Tall and graceful and very orange!
We have them along the back fence and they look really nice.  Although, I think they may need more light.  I have a bunch more back behind the garage as well and that area doesn't  get much light at all so I may move those and put them in another area of our back yard.  And then I can move my compost container to that area behind the garage.  

Aren't these just so pretty?  I've already cut a bunch of them and have them in a vase in the studio.  Which by the way I've yet to do much in that room.  I really should do something in there besides take naps on the sofa.  ;-)

My hydrangeas are about done.  The ones outside anyhow, the blooms are looking a bit tired and droopy.  The ones inside however are doing brilliantly!  I thought for sure that the plant would eventually just die.  But my honey actually convinced me to re-pot the plant in another pot and suddenly it is just blooming fit to be tied!  I'll take a pic of that one some time and post it.  It's one of those hot house plants that you get from a grocery store.  Friends of our gave it to us as a house warming gift when we moved into the Locust street house.  

Anyhow, I can't take any photo's now because my honey took my camera with him to Ogallalla for the NUMB ride that he is doing for the UMM's.  He and another member from our church decided they were going to do the bike ride.  It's 270 something miles that begins in Ogallalla and loops around and returns to where they began.  I know, crazy!  But it is to help feed the hungry so it's for a good cause and he loves, no,  LOVES to ride his bike so he is very excited.  He left this afternoon and will be back on Wednesday night.  

Okay, that's it from here.  Not sure what I'll do while he's gone but I'll try not to get into any trouble!

Ya'll take care now and I'll be chatting with ya soon!


corinnea said...

Love your flowers. It's fun discovering what you have and then deciding what to add.
I relate to your weight lament, though I have a hard time imagining you needing to lament at all. You look great in the fencing photo. You've ALWAYS looked great. Do what you have to do to keep yourself feeling well, that's what's important!

chellebelle said...

I am trying to lose weight too and it is so hard to watch EVERY THING THAT GOES INTO YOUR MOUTH! I hate it too. I was always the girl that could eat anything and never gain weight until my mid twenties. Now, at 40, well.. I have 8 of the nearly 50 lbs I need to lose off, but it is all about the food! ACK! I feel your pain! For me it's about being heathy though, I'm a short thing, and need to have less weight on to avoid diabisity... (diabetes due to being overweight.)