Monday, June 1, 2009


So, I was going to take some pictures of our new house.  Outdoor shots of the house and the garden.  But, it's cloudy.  (oh sure the second I wrote that the sun started shinning through...)  it's too late for that.  I've started and I'm not stopping to take pics now.  So anyhow,  (I'll take pics and then post them tomorrow!) I decided that I would put a picture of the ride my honey did two weekends ago.  I suppose I should tell you.  My honey loves to ride his bike (bicycle).  He rides it to work as weather permits, which is most every day in the spring, summer and fall.  He works about 14 miles away and part of the way he gets to ride on a bike trail.  And when he isn't riding to work, he enjoys a nice 30-50 mile ride on the weekend.  This past Sunday he rode his bike before church because the weather was just beautiful AND there was no wind!  He went to the 8:30 service (we normally go to the 10:30 service) because he had to make an announcement concerning the NUMB ride (I forget what that stands for but its something like "Nebraska United Methodist Bike Ride" which I thought was silly because they don't use the initials for the "ride" part.) a 200 something mile ride that is sponsored by the Methodist Churches, this ride is to recognize world hunger and to try to raise awareness and end world hunger. Anyhow.... So the "craziness" is from my honey getting up extra early so he could squeeze in a 20 or so miles ride before early service!  Just to clarify, the NUMB ride is done over several days not all in one day.  I just wanted to make sure you understood,  my honey is only a little crazy, not insane!

So two weekends ago, my honey and four other men from our church and 4 kids all went to Norfolk, NE for the "Cowboy Trail" bike ride sponsored by the United Methodist Mens group.  The men from our church brought with them near a thousand dollars from our congregation in support of all the United Mens groups and their missions.  This ride was a one day, 24 mile ride and easy, peasy for my honey.  He had a great time with the guy's from church and he met others who would be doing the NUMB ride at the end of this month as well.  

Here he is with one of the men from our church that he rode to Norfolk with.   Normally my honey would be wearing his "bike" stuff, but since this was such a short ride for him... but he had fun spending time with his friends and supporting good works.

And below are the pictures of the kids from our church.   They along with their dad and grandpa went to Norfolk the day before the ride and camped out.  They also stayed an extra day camping and all had a great time!  The weather was absolutely perfect for camping and riding.  Although, my honey and one of the other guys got a nasty sunburn (I gave my honey sunscreen to put on but...) they all had a great time!

And the last picture are of the two guys my honey drove to Norfolk with.  They all came back looking red and happy.

Hope you all have loads of fun things to do and you are able to do them with your friends.

P.S. I spent that morning with my girl friends and that afternoon shopping and gardening.  The only thing missing was my honey but I knew he was out having a great time riding... and that makes me happy.   ;-)


corinnea said...

You know who started up riding again for the season. I've been busy sitting on the couch. There has been talk of another Bodensee ride. Did I tell you about that??

chellebelle said...

The bat sounds fun (I'm so weird) the ice cream looks amazing (I need to use my new Kicten Aide Ice cream attatchment)and your honeys bike ride sounds glorious for him and way way too long for me... Glad to see you again!