Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carving some pumpkins

Hi all! What a nice weekend my honey and I had. It was busy, but nice.

First off, my honey had Monday off. We decided to get some more projects finished so one of the things to do was build some shelves for the basement. We actually bought four shelves from a Lowes type store which we have to put together. He got them put together and then my job was to fill them with our stuff. I'm still working on organizing all of it. He also laid some insulation in and caulked some of the window wells and weather stripped the windows! He was REALLY busy! ;-)

The other thing was getting together with my artist friend and her husband the Pastor. They are such a hoot. We had an evening of pumpkin carving and dinner. The pumpkin carving was fun but it was especially fun watching artist friend and my honey Pastor husband didn't carve any pumpkins but he did take the photographs. They did cool pumpkins. Mine wasn't so cool. But it sure was fun. I even saved the seeds and roasted them! And it's always nice to spend some time with these two friends.

Oh! Did I tell you about my afternoon UMW meeting that was held at my house? It was last week and it worked out just fine. Thirteen women showed up and nearly all of them managed to take a tour of the entire house. (Some of the ladies couldn't tackle the stairs though). Many of the ladies had visited this house years ago to spend time with friends. But that was back in the 40's and 50's and 60's evidently. This house got a bit of a renovation in the early 90's by way of a new laundry room and bathroom upstairs. Anyhow... Our United Methodist Women's group met here for our mini retreat. I was able to squeeze 14 people into my dining room for the presentation on American Indian culture. The dinning room table was pushed up to the window on one end of the room and the chairs were arranged on the other end of the dinning room. Then for the luncheon we moved the table into the center of the room and extended the table so it went partly into the living room and then set up another table. In that way we were able to accommodate everyone ( gosh I luuuuv my house!) I would NOT have been able to do that in my last house! Then after lunch we made Corn Husk Dolls. There was one set of instructions and many types of dolls out of it. It's really interesting how each of the dolls turned out totally different from person to person. The whole day worked out really well. And I think the ladies all had a good time going through the house, eating stuffed baked potatoes with any trimming you wanted on it and then making the dolls. All in all, a good day!

Well, That's it for today. Have a great week. And thanks for visiting.


chellebelle said...

I would have loved to have been there! It sounds like so much fun, and I love your house.. all of the older houses are wonderful. Such character.. I would have carved the pumkins with you too!! Have a great day!

corinnea said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I miss carving pumpkins. One day I'll do all that again.