Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is finally here!

It's fall and it's lovely. Today is windy, cold and slightly cloudy. I LOVE it! I love hearing the wind rustle through the corn stalks that I've got displayed in front. As I'm sitting in my "computer" room, I can hear the stalks talking to me.

I think this is the best time of year. I enjoy the spring too but the fall is the best. The oppressive heat is gone. As are the mosquitoes and the chiggers. There is a wonderful crispness in the air and here in the midwest there is the wind. It swirls around you almost as if it's encouraging you to play! To romp around in the falling leaves. I love sitting in my house and hearing the wind blowing outside and feel all comfy-cosy in my living room.

So, every year, my honey and I have this silly little game we play. We play it twice a year. The game is... who will turn the A/C or heat on first. I generally win the game. But this year I actually broke down and turned the A/C on first. Of course, I did it for my honey's benefit, (mostly). ;-) Well, so now it's the heat. I closed the windows in the house yesterday. I still have a few open upstairs and this morning it was quite the chilly morning. I was under my feather comforter and feeling all nice and toasty warm under it. And the air was quite chilly around my head. Just the way I like it. I hope to be able to keep the heater off for a few more weeks. But last night my honey made me feel his nose. It was cold and wet. I on the other hand was feeling just fine. Of course I did have my boys (Ethan and Ricky) laying on me and I was under the lap quilt as well. I actually told him to go and get his lap quilt and it would keep him warm. He didn't. But he also didn't say anything either. No whining. No complaining. Just sitting there sniffling. I have a feeling that this weekend we may end up putting on the heat. The cold weather has come in rather quickly. I wonder... will we have a snowy winter or an icy winter? I vote for a snowy winter! ;-)


chellebelle said...

It was 34 degrees this morning as I went to work.. really early in the year for it to be this cold here in Oregon.. hmm..

Pam said...

We turned on our heat yesterday. It's not that cold, but I am a whimp. Big time.

corinnea said...

I just love your porch! It's getting colder by the minute here too.