Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family history...

Hello everyone!

Hope ya'll are enjoying your Fall weather. It's been a rather wet one for us but this week we've had fairly sunny weather.

I wanted to tell you about a painting that my honey brought back from his visit to Kansas a few weeks ago. He actually went to watch the K-State/Texas A&M game with our daughter and her boyfriend and her boyfriends dad and my honey's dad. They had a great time! At one point my honey called me during the game and all I could hear was wild cheering going on. Yup, uh-huh, K-State was winning! Everyone had a good time together even if A&M lost. (sorry baby girl).

So anyhow..... My honey visited with his folks, went to church with them the following day and during his visit with them, his mother brought out a painting that was done by a family relative of the home of his great-great (?) grandfathers. It was the grandfather that my honey's named after. The painting came with a photograph that was taken of the house as well. REALLY cool to have both. But the really neat thing was that the colors in the painting actually matched the colors that we have painted our walls with. My honey said "It's like we were meant to live in this house." And it's true. It seems as if all the things that we've accumulated over the years all seem to fit into this house pretty darn well! 'Course... that doesn't mean I don't want some new stuff. ;-)

Well, I just thought I'd share that with ya'll. We are so loving this house and little by little it's coming together.

Oh! Here's another set of pic's for ya. This is the group shot of the herbs I'm growing. (Honestly, I thought for sure they were in focus!)

This is the sage.

This, marjoram,

And this is the savory.

So far so good. I put in another one of those feeding tablets today. The light indicator actually turned on to let me know that it was time (every two weeks) to feed the plants. It's super easy. You don't have remember it on your own.

I'll keep ya'll posted on how this thing works. But so far, I'm loving it!

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corinnea said...

Very cool painting. I am so glad you have a home you love so much!