Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New toy

Good day to all! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy. I just finished reading all the blogs that I watch over and everyone is so busy being productive and having things to show for it. I'm not sure why it takes me so long to accomplish the tasks I set myself to do...but, it takes me forever! As ya'll well know.

The felting is coming along. The table cloth is coming along. The sewing project is coming along. The felting and the table cloth are sort of long term projects. But the sewing project should only have taken me a few hours and yet... here I am, after 4 days, STILL working on it! But, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, finally! Although, I have no intentions of showing you all the progress thus far on any of the afore mentioned projects. I will share with you a new toy of mine. Ta-daaaaaaaaaaah!

This is one of those Aero-grow planters. We got the one with three growing slots in it. Right now we have Sage, (the one that still has the dome on it.), Savory and Marjoram growing in it. It was part of the "Mediterranean" plant mix that came with the light. Anyhow, this is my practice one. I'm going to order the seed pack for Parsley, Thyme and Oregano. Those are probably my most often used herbs. Plus Basil. Which you see here.

Once those teeny-tiny plants get larger, I'll move the light source up more and the Basil plant will get more light. But for now, it's doing pretty darn well with the set up the way it is! So, this winter I'll have fresh herbs to enjoy while cooking! My honey has been wanting to get this for me for a few years now. He found a REALLY good price on them so... now we're going to see how well these things work. I am very excited and optimistic! Hmmmm what to make for dinner..... ;-)


Pam said...

I've always been curious about those. Post pictures as they grow please!

insanely crafty said...

Your funny! I find it helps when I do 1 project at a time! Can't wait to see how you plants work out I've always wondered about those!! Of course most of my plants would grow year around here if I would just remember to water them!!!

corinnea said...

Your basil plant is gorgeous. I am happy for you (substitute happy with nicely jealous). That looks totally cool! I would sit under it! Show your projects when you're done~!

Joan's Good Life said...

Pam, the grow light is working just as it is supposed to so far...! I believe I may love this toy.

Jess, you are very disciplined if you can work on only one project at a time. I can't seem to do that. Oh, and I'd rather have a grow light than live in Florida. Sorry, had to say it. ;-)

Corinnea, I wish you could be here to sit under it. I'd love to spend time with you again. As you know... I look back fondly to those days!