Friday, May 14, 2010

The ongoing saga of the sleeveless cardi

Oh my goodness! It's been far too long since I've sat down to chat with ya'll! I've nearly forgotten how to do this!

I certainly hope that you have all been busy enjoying the weather. Has it been as strange where you live as it has here where I live? We've had some strange up's and down's in terms of weather temps. In fact, we had some VERY warm weather a few weeks ago and then we had VERY cool weather and then today... it is absolutely gorgeous! Still a little chilly but certainly sunny! And we haven't had that in ages! Not that I'm complaining too much because all the rain has done wonders for our garden. But there may be some issues for our local farmers who put down seeds and then the weather turned unseasonably cold. Now, those farmers who planted seeds early on are waiting for the warm weather to see if the seeds survived or if they will have to re-seed.

So, where have I been and what have I been up to? Well.......

I've been trying to do some creative things. But mostly only have managed to rip out my yoga socks completely. Did I mention that I didn't follow the pattern correctly? I mean, it was turning out as far as the sock part, but the pattern wasn't right at all! So I decided to just rip it out and start all over again. Only this time, actually following the pattern! But, I've only gotten to the rip it all out stage. Not the casting on again stage. FEAR NOT, I didn't stop knitting! I actually put my attention to the sleeveless cardi that I started a year and half ago (or maybe it is more like two years ago.... ). Anyhow, after much tearing out of many rows and with the help of my dear sister-in-law, I am now working on the the front of the cardi! Now, if my "knitter-sil" is reading this... she is probably very disappointed in me and my lack of progress. Because, she helped me with this pattern last month! And since then I've had to rip it out to the neckline at least 10 times. But, I'm on a roll now! I finally understand the pattern and what I am supposed to do. And it's looking quite fabulous! AND, I even adjusted the pattern a bit. (Okay, actually all I did was lengthen the body of the cardi by about 5 inches and added an extra few rows in the shoulder because I have a long torso and I realized that it was going to be far too short for my liking if I didn't!) So, I am half way down the front of one side and then I will loosely bind it off and begin the work on the other side. I am SO excited! It's been AGES since I last completed a project! (so sad!) I can't wait to see how it looks once it's completed!

Once again no pictures. But I hope to post more things in the coming days! So, enjoy your spring and hopefully, all of you will be much more accomplished at crafting than I. ;-)

Have a happy weekend!

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corinnea said...

Since there are no photos, I am imagining you wrapped up in yarn!

Our weather has been crazy, crazy cold!!! Coldest May in 150 years. I am over it!!