Monday, May 24, 2010


Hello! I'm back and I've got something to show you. I've actually completed, what I thought, was going to be yet another unfinished project. The tablecloth is DONE! And it turned out pretty good. See for yourself and tell me what you think.

And here is a closer look at the pattern. And the flowers, of course, they just compliment the tablecloth!

And here is how it drapes. It's a bit long because I actually made it for when I have the table extended to seat 6 people. I thought about making it long enough to be able to use it when I extend the table fully (seating 8) But, I wanted to be able to have it out more often so I thought it would look okay if I did it for this size. Then if we have more people I can just extend the table and still be able to use the tablecloth on the larger (not the largest) size. Make sense?

Anyhow... I'm pleased with how it turned out. I love the overall pattern and it was relatively easy to make because I could actually see how it was progressing as I made and attached each motif. I'm thinking about looking for a bedspread pattern now. I have a guest bed that is an old Iron bed and it would really look nice with a crocheted coverlet on it. ;-) But first... baby things!

I found a baby bootie pattern that I am going to try. I got nice soft yarn, in blue. And I've got my knitting needles ready. Speaking of which.... What do you think of these?

I didn't have any size 4 knitting needles so I had to go out and get some. The problem I ran into is that in the two knitting specialty shops and the various Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores, I could not find any size 4 knitting needles. EXCEPT in DPN's. So, I figured I'd just get the dpn's and use those. I could use my little needle tip protectors on one end and voila, usable regular knitting needles. But then I was shopping with a friend and we happened upon a bead store and I had this thought of finding cute beads that I could maybe attach onto one end of the dpn's and make them into one of those designer type knitting needles! Like this in the bottom photo.

These are perfect for those little booties I'm about to begin work on. They are cute. And, I think these would be cute little gifts for my knitting friends as well.

So, I've done something this year. And hopefully, more to come. AND I believe I may have figured out what I did wrong with those hot pads I spoke about a while back. So, I'm off to re-try my hand at those too!

Ya'll have a great day and I'll see you soon! ;-)


Norma's Nonsense said...

I LOVE the tablecloth! It is beautiful....what a great job you did.

corinnea said...

The table cloth is beautiful! That pineapple is still a big fav of mine. So clever with the knitting needles!

insanely crafty said...


mangocheeks said...

What a cool idea with the knitting needles. I love them.

Your table cloth is so pretty too. Patience and so worth it.

chellebelle said...

I see that I never told you how beautifully this turned out. Sorry about that, really I cannot imagine tackling this type of project. You did a magnificent job on that spread. It can last generations. WOW!