Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smelling spring!

Oh how I wish you could smell my yard! In the north is my Lilac shrubs. The flowers are deep purple and smell spicy, sweet. Not sure how old the plant is. I believe it was planted at the time of the first family so that would have been in the 1930's. Having looked at photo's of this place as a church, I don't see any shrubs near it so... The lilacs are pretty much done for the season. Because of it's location in my yard it doesn't last very long. But when they are in bloom, oh my!

And then, on the east side of the yard are the Iris's. I have dark purple and light blue. OH MY GOODNESS! The light blue ones smell like sweet grape koolade! They are both VERY pretty. Cool and elegant. But, I must admit that the light blue ones are my favorite since they smell so yummy!

And then on the west side of the yard are my Lilly of the Valley. I have a mess of them and they are blooming! If you sit on my porch you smell them! And there have even been times when as you are walking up towards the house on the sidewalk, you can smell their sweet aroma! It's just so wonderful.
You can't really see them. The flowers are teeny-tiny but the sure do pack a wonderful, aromatic punch! These things spread pretty well and they go along the south-west and north-west side of the yard!

And then there are the peonies. I have two peony shrubs planted along the east side of the house. These are doing very nicely. I've already cut a few flowers and have brought them inside. They have a sweet almost rosey smell to them.

And last year a friend of mine gave me 10 more plants that I've planted on the north-east side of the yard. Those are looking rather smallish yet but if they are anything like my friends mother plants... they will take over and create a superb hedge like she has! And to top it off.... her flowers are light pink and smell so sweet and the blooms are HUGE! If I remember correctly those flowers are doubles!

So yesterday I spent an hour on my front porch. The cat laying on my legs, the dog lying beside me. My tea on the porch railing (it's a very wide rail to allow for sitting on or setting on) Carla Bruni playing in my CD player and my knitting in my hands. It was the most relaxing hour I've had in a very long time. The weather was sunny and warm and the aroma was intoxicating. What a perfect spring afternoon. And it looks as if it will be like that again today!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Go out and enjoy the glorious spring day!


insanely crafty said...

Pretty flowers!

Pam said...

Oh, your porch time sounds delightful!

corinnea said...

I have garden envy and weather envy!!! You have some of my most favorite flowers there...

chellebelle said...

Wish I was there, I would have sat with you! Wonderful to hear from you again, I've missed you, and hope you're doing well.