Saturday, July 11, 2009

African gifts update...

Hi Everyone!  This is a note from baby girl and it is a much better explanation of the photo's I put up in my last blog.  I did attempt to post a better photo of the sculpture but I just can't seem to get it!  But I tried REALLY hard!  

So, enjoy my baby girls writings!

"Hey Momma...and everyone else too!
I realized that I didn't answer all of your info questions in my hasty email the other day...sorry! 
So, the bushman carving (which I think you should post a better photo of; I personally love the fact that his hat and shoulders remain in a natural
state and you can see that it was truly carved from a chunk of wood) I bought from a street vendor in Gabarone, Botswana. I am not sure what the wood is, unfortunately.

The basket was from a place in Maun, Botswana (up in the Okavanga Delta). The shop had amazing baskets ranging in size from tiny things to huge grain and water baskets. The best part about purchasing from that shop instead of some craft center was that when we walked up there was actually a woman weaving on the porch. She was also kind enough to let me weave a few, amazing. The baskest are made from palm leaves collected from the bush. The darker sections are palm that has been dyed by boiling those leaves with a special root found in the bush. This pattern is the flight of the swallow. 

The 'mat' is from the Oodi Weavers in Oodi, Botswana, a city just oustide of Gabs. These women weave amazing stories into tapestries using just their memories and raw talent. Their final products are amazing. Unfortunately, they have been discovered, which is good for them resulting in wonderful revenue for those deserving ladies, but I could only afford small, less ornate weavings. (, I think that yours is a weaving of a tree :))

And lastly, the springbock sandals...I have better photos of these guys that I should have sent you. And the video of them bouncing around. The males show off by bouncing around for meters at a time, hence the name spring bock. It is amazing to watch. Its as if they have springs for hooves just effortlessly bouncing along. They are fun.
Ok, long winded update. (I could have added more to it too!)"

Love you!

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corinnea said...

How did I miss this update??? Nice guide through the gifts. Again, what an experience for that girl.